I knew I had made a breakthrough in my positive attitude when I went for my first hot air balloon ride. We had been told several weeks ago that my husband and I had been chosen to accompany his mother on the ride to spread his cousin ashes over the family farm.

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Riding in a hot air balloon was something I had always wanted to do.

When the day arrived, my sister-in-law told me the ride was only for two not three people and I wasn’t supposed to go. That didn’t sound promising but I waited to see for myself. I just knew I would be going on that balloon ride and I wasn’t going to let anyone damper my expectations.

Upon the arrival of the balloon and its crew, we learned that the ride was, indeed, only for two people (plus the balloon man). We were also told that there wasn’t enough wind that day for three people anyway.

Instead of getting disappointed, I stayed excited for my husband and ran around taking pictures of the prep work. When the balloon was ready to go and the passengers had boarded I went up close to get a photo of my husband and his mom as they took off.

The crew were still holding down the balloon. Just then, the balloon man said to me, “I think there is enough wind now and you don’t weigh much… why don’t you come too!” I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Camera in hand, as I climbed in I suddenly had the thought, “Wait a minute, I have a fear of heights.” Too late---we were off!

Up we went and yes, I was scared at first. I thought if I leaned out to take a picture I might tip over the basket and we’d all fall out, and where were the parachutes? But my anxiety gave way to awe as we sailed up over the trees (and my picture-taking didn’t tip over the basket).

After dumping the ashes, we swiftly climbed to an altitude of 3,000 feet. From that height the view was so spectacular that I forgot all my fears, cares, and concerns, and I was filled with pure enjoyment and bliss of the now moment. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was and how magnificent the views were in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. We took a 45-minute ride and came down right before the wind died.

In retrospect, I found that I had learned some valuable lessons while up in the air that expanded my personal growth.

1) Never submit to disappointment. Even when everyone says no to your desire, the Universe can come up with a yes.
2) Face your fears and then do what is necessary anyway. Then you just grow out of them.
3) When you have the big picture, life’s challenges drop away, or become less significant and joy replaces them.
4) If you can treat a challenge as an adventure, it becomes more fun and more exciting.

I hope my story inspires you and gives you some insights as to how you can make your desires, and even your fears, an adventure.

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