David Neagle is a multimillion dollar coach’s coach and very widely known in the coaching world for his teachings on using the Law of Attraction to create abundance and prosperity. Having taken some of his coaching classes on money and I thought I’d pass on to you some of the things I learned.

You already have the ability to meet all your monetary needs and create more money in your life. That’s a pretty profound statement. It means that you are responsible for your money situation but you are also capable of changing it.

So many people who are having money issues feel like a victim and don’t know how much power they truly have. And many times it’s unconscious. I know it was for me. One of my AHA moments was when I realized that I, too, was playing the victim in a subtle way by keeping myself in a low income bracket so people would feel sorry for me. Did I do that consciously? No. It was underneath everything. How did I uncover it? By really taking a look at who I was being and seeing what the payoff was for staying stuck.

Whatever situation you are stuck in, there is a payoff. It may be that you get to be small, or taken care of, or you get to receive special favors, discounts, perks, or just plain sympathy or pity. Whatever it is, that’s what is holding you back.

You see, as Neagle said, failure is only when a person chooses to stop moving forward. It’s not because they don’t have the ability to succeed. Everyone does. It’s just that we have bought into the myth that we can’t have whatever we want. We were taught that as children. So after trying and not getting what we want, we give up. Now, how do you get around that?

You have to fall in love with your goals. That means that you have to get to a place in your mind where nothing else is more important to you than your ability to achieve your goals. This will override the limiting belief you have about not getting what you want. Falling in love with your goals also means thinking about them and believing that they will happen.

The money that you want to have is already in your environment. You just aren’t aware of it yet. Once you start believing it’s there, you will see it. As Wayne Dyer used to say, “You’ll see it when you believe it.” You can break out of this cycle by taking a good look at what’s presenting itself to you. Make a list of the opportunities that are in your radar. Looking at this list will make you a believer and that will trigger the transformation you need to achieve your money goals. Then take action on those opportunities. Try it and let me know what happens.

Neagle has a cool website page where you can ask him a question and he answers one question every week at: http://www.davidneagle.com/ask-david/the-neagle-code

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