I thought I would share with you some insights and life lessons which have been useful for me on my own journey. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful.

1) Handle your ‘ due diligence’

Have you noticed that in life, there will always be people who lie, cheat, abuse, manipulate and steal? Before you enter into any relationship with someone, be it personal or business; make sure you do your own due diligence. Take responsibility for who you give your heart to or who you enter into business with. Do some research and ask the right questions.

2) Say NO!

You are not helping anyone if you say Yes when you would rather say NO! Chances are if you say Yes when you mean No, you will fill yourself up with resentment. Stand in your power, speak your truth and heal yourself from the disease to please!

3) Protect Yourself

Until you realise that not everyone has your best Interests at heart, you will not be able to protect yourself. Take steps to be responsible and caring towards yourself. Establish healthy boundaries and ask yourself ‘What would I need to put in place in order to look after myself in this situation?’

4) No body is coming to Save you!

Too often we look for someone else to come into our lives to make it all better. We look for someone to take care of the things that we don’t want to – like managing our finances or making us happy. If you think someone is coming to save you then you are going to be disappointed. Save yourself!

5) Listen to what people say when they tell you about themselves

Are you in denial about someone in your life or waiting for them to change? Are you going against your instincts about someone? We are informed about who people really are in so many ways, especially through actions so trust your instincts and don’t override your intuition.

6) Keep your Real friends close

Do you spend a lot of time and energy trying to make friendships work when the truth of the matter is that it is not a great relationship? Distinguish who your’ good time friends’ are and put your attention on the ‘Lifers’ – the friends who will be with you through thick and thin. If you are not sure where a friend stands in your life – then just ask them. Only surround yourself with friends who can see your magnificence.

7) Take back your Light

Did you know that when you put someone on a pedestal and you are in awe of someone else, you are really seeing yourself? Write a list of what you admire about other people and see how you can grow those qualities within yourself. Instead of being amazed by someone else’s brilliance, be fixated on your own!

8) Clear up your messy past

Life is a mirror so your outer world will also be a reflection of your inner world. If your inner world is filled with pain. Resentment and unfinished business then clear it up. If we don’t clean up our past and make peace with it, we may develop addictions; drama and upset in order t o avoid painful feelings. This can then cause emotions such as hopelessness, sarcasm, cynicism, loneliness, or emptiness.

Take action this week to do one of the action steps above!

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