For those of you, who like me enjoyed watching "Strictly Come Dancing", the U.K. version this year, I was amazed that there were two important marketing lessons that became obvious to me the longer I watched the series. Now who says watching TV is a waste of time!

The first was the difference in the attitude between the winner and the runner up. Every time she was asked, the winner said that - she wanted this more than anything; it would mean the world, that it was really important to her, that she would do anything to get it.

What amazed me was her consistency in saying this - she wasn't shy, she didn't try to be modest; she just put it all on the line and said unequivocally - I WANT IT!

How many of us are that positive and determined about our businesses?

The runner up - just wasn't that convincing all the time. He was a great dancer, but the words he used changed from week to week, dance-to-dance often in line with how he felt he had performed. Perhaps he thought it would sound big headed to say how much he wanted it - perhaps he was a little embarrassed to lay it all on the line - just in case it didn't happen. So, what happened? He didn't win.

Now I am not going to go into a big debate as to who was the better dancer etc., etc. I am just using this example to ask you some pertinent questions.

How many of us hedge our bets in our businesses just like this? Afraid of speaking up and telling people exactly what it is that we want? Imagine what this way of speaking does to your sales?

The second point that I really noticed was that they almost always said that they wanted to make their professional partners proud - that they were doing it for them.
That 'partnership' was the reason for the extra effort. It was the reason they all just didn't give up in the first week when they realized just how hard it was going to be - physically and mentally.

If we look at that lesson - then who is going to PUSH you? Who could you get to help, push, shove, encourage, cajole, demand that you keep going, try harder, get creative but grow your business?

Two of the best and most popular ways are:
To Hire a Coach.
To become part of a Mastermind Group.

So, if you do nothing else in 2010 except find someone to PUSH you - do it! You won't believe the quantum leap you will make in your business

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