Many people I talk with see their Spirit Guides as separate and outside themselves when really, they’re a part of you on a soul level.

At the moment we truly learn that we co-create our reality along with our ego, higher soul-self and our Guides, we move from enchantment to empowerment.

What do I mean by moving from enchantment to empowerment?

When I first started out doing this work, I offered a coaching program where I brought through wisdom and steps from Guides in Spirit and assisted my clients in putting those steps into action.

Sounds good or so I thought.

Soon enough, I got hip to the fact that offering the guidance in this particular way created a dependence on “what the guides said” about this or that. I saw how easy it was to give up personal power in favor of what the Guides had to share and I actually saw my clients become dis-empowered by their growing need for validation and advice.

That was not what I had in mind at all. And so I stopped offering that kind of service. I got wise to the fact that when we look at Guides as separate from our own self, then it creates a space of dis-empowerment. The whole point of learning to work with your Guides is to empower yourself to make choices more aligned with your soul path. Not to have some disembodied entity up in the sky tell you what the best decision is for you.

I’m not busting on those who have done this with their Guides. I’m pretty sure I was like this at some point as well because I didn't quite understand how everything works together.

If this is you, take heart. I’m going to show you how to move from being enchanted with your friends from the other side to co-creating your life with them on your team.

First: Accept that free will reigns supreme. Your Guides can not and will not tell you what to do. They can give options, suggestions and shed light on what’s going on but what actions you take must be your own. That’s part of using your own free will or self-authority. They suggest, you decide based on all available information. You decide. Not them. You.

Second: They don’t have all the answers to the questions of the Universe. They do have a perspective we don’t given that they've been here on earth and understand what the limitations of a physical body mean when doing the work of your soul.

That doesn't mean that their answers are the be-all, end-all of discussion. They are part of the discussion but not the whole discussion. Your ego has a say, your higher self has a say and your Guides do. That’s how a team works.

Third: They are your equals on a soul level. We are all equals on a soul level. No need to bow before them or hold them in such high regard that you defer to them at all times.

They have expressly said in reading after reading to my clients, “We are walking right alongside of you and are your partners. We co-create together. Don’t put us on a pedestal.”

Yes, their perspective is different and yes, they work with us to help us find our soul purpose. That’s no different, really, than your best and most loved friend who wants you to be the very best you can be and helps you get there. Would you immediately do every single thing your best friend said to do? Even if you know they want the best for you, you’d still take it into consideration and then do what you feel is best. Same thing with your Guides.

Let go of the notion that these beings are so far above you. They are right inside you, even if you can’t see / hear / feel them. They’re there and always available to you as a source of guidance and wisdom. Step into your own power and work with them as equals.

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Lisa Wechtenhiser is a gifted intuitive with a very clear channel to your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit, AND a very pragmatic and resourceful coach.

She offers support and guidance to help you:

• Achieve real clarity on what your heart longs for in your life
• Create an Action Plan to achieve your most heartfelt priorities
• Clear the life-long patterns that are in your way
• Receive support in being able to focus on the positive
• Stretch outside your comfort zone
• Find and express your authentic voice
• Experience more meaning and purpose
• Design a life that you love!

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