With current modern technology we find ourselves in a world of high-tech computers and social networks. The digital camera is also a very popular tool of today and is accessible to a broad consumer market due to low cost and high availability. However, unlike the past when many people created personal photo albums printed at the local developers, individuals often store all their digital photographs and the treasured memories on their personal computer. However, this poses the problem of losing all those treasured photographs if something was to go wrong with your computer. Moreover, what people often find is that printing costs can be excessively overpriced. Furthermore, the purpose of photographs should be to share and enjoy them with your friends and family for years and generations to come. Photographs should be the window into the past and the special times you have shared and experienced in your lifetime.

Whether it’s a camping holiday, an account of your university gap year or just a collection of cherished photos, design and create a photo book with Pixum and stun your loved ones with this remarkably individual gift. Create your own Fotoservice (Dutch for photo service) photo book in just a matter of clicks. Design the perfect keepsake for your loved ones with this stunningly original and exclusive personalised gift.

With the Fotoservice from Pixum, you can be at ease in the knowledge that you are dealing with a reputable company that are the independent leaders in online photo services in Europe. The importance of service and quality are the top priority, ensuring that every photo book and photo gift is a winner.

All photo books are professionally bound and can be either hard back or soft back, depending on your specific requirements. Using the free downloadable software to help you, creating your stunning and memorable photo book really could not be easier. Create the professional finish you would expect from any professional book that you might find in a well-known bookstore. The big difference is that you’re book will contain a back catalogue of sacred and special times that you or your friends and family have shared over the years.

Perhaps you wish to create a gift for a friend who is moving away or going travelling for a year or two? What greater gift than a stunning and professionally bound and printed photo book from the Pixum Fotoservice to make their send-off monumentally special. Give something that they can look back over and smile whilst they are away from home. Show that special someone how much you really care with a bold, bright and beautifully printed photo book of special moments in your life and times together.

Try the simple software download today. It allows for you, the customer, to add, remove and delete images as you see fit whilst incorporating text and your favourite background colours and designs. Select the most appropriate Fotoservice today. Choose from an array of sizes from small and practical to the impressive and exceptional XXL sized photo book.

The options available are incredible. There are several creative design layouts along with a wide range of sizes, colours and cover materials. One of the more popular formats is the square photo book measuring 21x21 cm, which is incredibly handy and practical and starts at just £9.99. This popular choice can be customised to suit any tastes in a selection of colours and a choice of clamp binding, glue binding and staple binding.

If you want to create a number of photo books for Christmas gifts then buying five books or more will help to decrease the cost even further. You really cannot beat the prices or the unparalleled service. All orders are shipped in one to three days and the longest you will have to wait for your precious and perfect gift is a maximum of just seven days.

With Pixum’s Fotoservice (Dutch for photo service) your satisfaction is the top priority and all goods are carefully created using only the highest quality materials.

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