The application industry has brought a new wave in the business world. An app is a profitable approach for businesses as well as consumers. On-demand applications are adding convenience to users’ lifestyles.

We are living in an app-driven world. Applications are ruling the world. In the past few years, we got acquainted with different on-demand app delivery services such as food, transport, self-care, and many more. On-demand app development company helps to build such apps. Among them, courier services are one of the coolest and most needed.

Okay, imagine what would happen if in the pandemic you could not get your daily essentials delivered at home? Not just this, suppose your near and dear ones are living in some other corner of the country, and you want to send a surprise gift? There is always a need to buy things online or to send parcels to closed ones. This clearly depicts the importance of courier services in our day to day life. The services that are valued are always high in-demand.  This is the digital era, where online shopping and eCommerce are blooming. This is directly proportional to the growth of an on-demand app development company. In this article, you will get an insight into courier app development.

On-demand courier services reduce the workload of the owner and increase efficiency. Providers can easily track their products. You can use the application for controlling your entire business. Courier services are the backbone of the product-based business. Timely and safe delivery is a must to have a good reputation in the market. Let us have a look at the major business model for courier services:

The Business Model For Courier Services

There are ample business models for courier services. With times different business models are evolving and adding significant value to courier services. The mobile app development company has been helping businesses.

1. Marketplace For Parcel Delivery Service Providers

In this business model, the service provider need not connect with the customer or the delivery executives. The business model establishes a marketplace where producers and consumers can meet. Such business models are profitable for small business as the business can get consumers at a single place.

2. Aggregators Of Package Tracking

This type of business model aggregates the tracking details of the parcels. Such courier service models collect packing details from providers on a platform. Courier service app development is high in-demand. This service helps providers and consumers stay up to date with their parcel location. The company just needs to put package ID and information will get synced.

3. Postal And Courier Services

The Postal and courier service model allow companies to pick up the parcel from the allocated location and deliver it to the specified location. Many of them also offer the facility of the same delivery. One of the prominent examples of such a courier delivery app development business Model is FedEx.
FedEx offers shipment in more than 220 countries. The company generates revenue by shipping high value-added packages. FedEx is one of the earliest and highly successful companies using this business model.

4. Branded Delivery And Integrated Solutions

In this business model, the business has its own application to track its delivery. This type of model is usually preferred by businesses to get an edge over competitors. Businesses show their transparent service using such apps. The mobile app development company has a unique approach to the market.  The app clearly shows the whereabouts of the parcel.

5. Uber-Like Parcel Delivery Service Providers

Uber has a started system, where the parcel is given to the driver so that the person could deliver if the delivery location falls in their route. This is a great way to optimize and increase the efficiency of on-demand courier services. It is like shooting two targets with a single arrow.

Key Features Of Courier Delivery Apps

1. Premium Delivery

You can integrate this feature in courier delivery app development. Premium delivery will allow users to get the parcel as earliest as possible. Premium delivery could work for users who need to get a service in odd weather conditions or during peak traffic hours. Users need to pay an extra charge to get the facilities of premium delivery.

2. Push Notifications

Push notifications keep the user updated about the location of their product. It feeds users some important information such as the route, the time of delivery, etc. The receiver should be notified if there is any change in the route.

3. Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is the most important feature of courier service app development. It helps consumers as well as providers to know the location of the parcel. For the consumer, it keeps them assured about the delivery of the product. The real-time tracking feature displays location, so the user can add other delivery addresses as well that fall in the route.

4. Packaging Options

This feature allows users to customize the packaging as per need.  For example, suppose you want to send a gift, so you can go for decorative packaging, for the business parcel you can go for classic packaging, if the item is delicate you can ask for an extra packaging layer. Users can opt for extra safe packaging according to the product. The price will vary as per the packing model and size of the parcel. You can hire dedicated developers for your project.

5. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is another must-have feature in a courier service app. Make sure to integrate the most used modes, so that users can opt for any mode as per convenience. Some of the common payment options are COD, UPI pay, Credit or debit card, etc.

6. Feedback

This feature is a must in an app, to improve the service quality. You can get reviews of your service.

To, develop a courier service app, you can approach a company or hire dedicated developers, whatever suits you the best.

Wrapping Up

On-demand app delivery has simplified the living. Seeing the increasing inclination towards digitalization, we can say on-demand courier services have a bright prospect. Here, we have mentioned the business model of the courier service app and key features. Hope the article helps you. 

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