Technology has taken an upper hand over our relationships that if you observe most of us are either engrossed with our phones, notepads or laptops and if not with these two, then we are busy watching something on telly. Still wondering how to get together the family for the quality time and bonding?

I would suggest what better than Family Game Night! Right? Making a family game night mandatory for every family member will not only bring everyone together, but it will also strengthen their bond. This is one of the best ways for a family to connect and to know what’s currently happening in each other’s life. To make it feasible for everyone, sit and pick a day in which everyone is free and choose accordingly.

Next decide which game you want to play? The opinion of every member is going to vary, some would say board games, some would want to play arts and crafts and some might love solving puzzles. So, try to include everyone’s opinion and divide different games for a weekly game night, so that everyone is happy and that is the purpose of this Family Game Night.

So, I have pinned down few games which you all can play with your family:

1. Puzzles
This is a great mind storming yet fun involving the game. You can really make the game interesting by challenging each other with the time limit. Games you can play are jigsaw puzzles, and various kids puzzle available online or in the market.

2. Board Games
Board games are the classic games. It includes Ludo, tic-tac-toe, chess, snakes and ladders, scrabbles, monopoly, etc. They not only keep everyone occupied but through this, you get to spend quality time together with your family and have a tittle-tattle while playing as well.

3. Dum charades
It is basically enacting the name of the movie through actions without speaking anything that also within a given time limit. It requires two teams, wherein one member of each team will come forward and enact the movie name the player from their team picked up. The team with the most right answers is declared as the winner.

4. Anktakshri
People here are also divided into teams. This game starts with a song and the ending letter of the song is the clue for the opponent to start their song. And this way it continues as long as you want to play it. The more songs maniac you are, the higher are the chances of your winning.

5. Pictionary
Either you can buy the Pictionary game or you can DIY your own by making chits and writing anything random on the slips, fold them and put them in a bowl. It’s played between team players. One of the team members has to pick the slip and draw it on the board or a piece of paper. You cannot write any numbers or letters. Your other team member has to guess what you are drawing. This has to be completed within a given time limit. The team with the maximum right answers get the prize.

Final Word
As kids learn what they see it will be really good for them, so making this one of their habits is absolutely worth it. This is how from their very childhood they will know the significance of a family. Further, make it interesting by setting some rules like the winner will get something or do’s and don'ts for games in order to make the family game night more engaging and entertaining.

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