It’s so easy to see everything with a bias… so let’s use that bias in a good way and start seeing everything with a bias of love.

1 - You can see volcanos as bad and destructive… or you can see them as changing the appearance of this planet in a good way seeding elements that start life.

2 - You can see storms as bad and destructive… or you can see new beginnings that take place whenever a storm comes by and washes away all the old and new plants take hold and a new beginning takes over.

3 - You can see people getting sick as bad… or you can notice that they are learning lessons they need to learn… and thus their soul will grow stronger.

4 - You can see those who have lost faith as bad… or you can see them sooner or later gaining faith when the time is right.

5 - You can see losing a loved one as bad… or you can still keep talking to them on the other side… because you know for sure they are not gone.

6 - You can look at the bad… or you can look at the good… it’s really up to you… and each one of those choices has a powerful reaction not only in our mind… but also in our body.

So which one will you choose?

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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