If you want to know in weighty terms, what a shipping container actually is, well, it’s a standardized, resealable, transportation box, made of steel and used for freight handling. In simpler terms, it’s a steel box, with hinges, door and corrugated floors and walls which take your stuff safely across the oceans. They started their journey by taking cargo from one port city to another, via ships and hence the name. But, today, fortunately or unfortunately, shipping containers are being used much more extensively for other purposes than just carrying cargo. As weird as it may seem, they are being readily used as roadside cafes, pop up offices, valuable storage, space-efficient houses etc.

Shipping containers come with a price which generally depends on its dimensions -- the bigger the container, the more the price. They are quite easily available for purchase! When they are shipped to their final destinations, it’s probably quite expensive to ship them back. But, when you are taking them in to be used for home storage or setting up a mobile office unit, or any portable washroom unit for events etc., you could even rent it instead of purchasing the whole thing. It’s up to you whether you want to buy it or rent it, and as per the current housing trend says, container homes are totally in trend. This makes it a must for you to go for a container rental in Auckland, Hardcase Container Hire Ltd. is the best shipping container rental service you could go for. They have multiple customers in West Auckland, and with their hiab crane facility, help to deliver the container right to the destination in the blink of an eye.

Different varieties of shipping containers

Now, before you make the actual decision -- whether should you buy a used or a new shipping container, what should you use it for, where should you place it, from whom should you buy/rent it etc., you need to think about one more teeny tiny extra thing. Yes, that being which type of shipping container to go for. There are multiple varieties of shipping containers which you could bring home – so much so that it could get quite overwhelming. That’s perfectly why we are here to help! And after this, once you decide on the type, engage in a service which uses a hiab and truck hire in Auckland.

1. General purpose: This is your standard shipping container type and also the most popular. It’s a perfect choice for all those general transportation or storage needs. These can also be modified into different uses.

2. Open top: The biggest advantage of this type is that they can be loaded from above using a crane. Thus, it’s your ‘go-to’ choice when you want to ship or store stuff like heavy machinery. Once the loading is done, a tarp roof is used to cover the top opening.

3. Dangerous goods: Yes, we have a separate type for that. These containers are used to store or transport items like flammable goods, explosives, gases, chemicals, etc. So, these containers have the appropriate build to hold these safely.

4. Side opening: Just as the name suggests, these containers have doors that open from the side. This makes it much more convenient for the user to load wider objects as well as makes the process faster.

5. Refrigeration: These containers come in handy when you need to store or transport items which are perishable or need to be kept in a constant temperature surrounding.

6. On-site office: This type of containers is specially used for building on-site and serves as a moveable on-site office. They can also be used as secure storage option.

7. High cube: And finally, this species of containers is used when there’s the exclusive need to load or transport items which are extra tall. They come with an extra foot of internal height and are perfect for those larger than life activities.

So, these are the different types of shipping containers, in a nutshell. Each has its own unique features and uses. So, it all comes down to you, what you need the container for. And that’s how you shall arrive at the best decision.

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