This is my first web based article. I feel joy as I write it, simply because many of my cob webs are gone and I feel like I CAN... do many of the things my prior life said were not possible. It is my goal to offer you inspiration, hope, and a desire to truly clean up and be free... in other words try trusting yourself. Start right now. Don't allow the past to hold you to a state of paralyzation.

My family makes jokes at one of my greatest gifts... I have a memory like a steal trap. Some even say I can remember being born...head first thrust into the world from my Mother's womb. Funny, I don't really remember that part but I do remember my life from about the age of 2. Tragically, that is when the foundation of my victimization attitude began. That is when I can first recall experiencing what no child should experience, molestation, pain, shame and a confusion that still limits me at times today. The good news is I not only survived 13 years of gross childhood abuse.. I learned to THRIVE as a result of the negative experiences. At one time these experiences dictated my every thought, feeling. or action. None were positive displays of the true me. Don't let another day pass you by before taking action... by action I mean get real ! Talk about it... find someone compassionate and honest to partner you through your process. Heal the inner child by validating it. No longer settle for the inner guidance offered to you by the scars. Address the scars. Forgive yourself first and most. Then work to understand that we live in a world of illness... many, many varieties. Be a Champion to someone else by believing them, and believing in them. Don't let resentment and fear erode your potential for a life full of daily hopefulness and peace. Forgive. Often times we embark on a journey of finding ourselves. Why ? Because we don't accept who we are. We settle for what the experiences influenced us to be. Today can be a day for Hope. A day you begin a new journey with a better view of the person you are, wish you were, and want to become.
So how do we fit Spirituality into issues such as abuse ? I believe acheiving a connection with something greater than yourself and greater than the events of abuse is the key. Instead of focusing on the events, the pain, the nightmares of the past... REMEMBER YOU SURVIVED... and what an incredibly strong person you are as a result of the hard parts of life. Trust that you can not only learn to love yourself again... but you can also be the one person divinely inspired to love another who has a similiar history. We can mirror eachother. We can be the Carriers of Compassion, wheras other people may just run from a pain they don't understand. Lack of empathy can come out as anger. It could even be a close family member that isn't understanding us..when our greatest need or expectation is that they do and validate us. A complete stranger is most likely to have that open place within themselves that the abused needs. We can't afford to invest our story with angry people. We need the spiritual ones who got there when GOD brought them to their knees. I sometimes assign a visual belief with much openmindedness when I am sitting amongst nature. For instance I imagine that God takes our life energy and conforms it according to the behavior and heart we displayed in our mortal being. Sitting in a forest I sometimes look at the trees.. they are just trees.. but what if the mighty oaks represented a soul that endured much, and gave even more ? What if we are brought to conscienceness by the freedom we witness as the birds fly in the heavens ? Every big deal leads to great moments of clarity and appreciation. We must get out of the hole !! If you are a sufferer, meaning someone who is still hanging onto the uninspired life, a life without hope.. there's still time for change, there is still time to step out and embrace whats left us to work with. Spend some time exploring some new ideas to lead yourself to a new spiritual place.

Author's Bio: 

Peggy Cloud Watts is a Certified Personal Life Coach residing in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is happily married. She and her husband have one grown son. She is active in her community and takes every opportunity to nurture and empower other victims of childhood abuse. Peggy is a member of the Strathmore's Who's Who, The Optimist Club, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Delmar College's Human Services program. She has been employed as a drug and alcohol counselor in the past and now spends her time exclusively as a Life Coach helping one on one and Speaking Motivationally when invited. She can be contacted at 3618500877 or through her website