Many people who are struggling with their smiles. They fear that people might see something wrong with their teeth. Some of the defects that they are afraid to show are the discoloration on their teeth; some teeth are missing and even misalignment. However, smiling is important and you cannot go on all your life without smile. There are many different ways a dentist Vermont South can help you. Using different treatments, they can help you get your smile back.

In Complete Smiles Vermont South, they can help you achieved that. Here are some of the advancement in dentistry that you can avail from their clinic.

Dental Implants

The first treatment that can give you your smile back is via dental implants. Your dentist Vermont South will recommend this treatment if you have missing teeth. Some people thought that if you lose a tooth you could never get it back. Well, not anymore.

With dental implants, Complete Smiles Vermont South, you can even have more than one of your teeth back. Dental implants look and work like real teeth, and will not fall back and special technique is used to make sure it looks perfect. Its only drawback is being painful and costly.

Full Mouth Restoration

This is a series of treatment and handled by more than one dentist. In Complete Smiles Vermont South, this is the treatment given to a patient who lost more than a tooth or has complex dental problems. Still, they need to restore their smile. 

What the dentist Vermont South will do is examine your mouth and repair everything that is not right in your smile. It is close to having a cosmetic surgery and therefore, can be expensive. However, even if it is expensive it will be worth all the money. After the restoration, you will never be embarrassed to smile again.

Whitening and Fillings

Although this is not classified as advanced dentistry, it can definitely bring your smile back if these are the only things wrong with your teeth. In fillings, a special material is used to fill up the broken teeth or if there are cavities. The result is a complete restoration of the teeth as if nothing happened as it looks and functions normally again.

Whitening uses a bleaching agent to whiten the teeth. The bleaching agent does not harm the teeth. These two procedures are the most in-demand treatments that patients are being done to get their smile back. However, there are instances that these procedures may not be enough. Complete Smiles Vermont South make sure that their patients completely understand this.

Getting your smile back is possible is now possible using the advancement in dentistry. All you have to do is to find the best dentist Vermont South to do them for you. The dentists in Complete Smile Vermont South recognizes that patients have concerns about the cost. This dental office will work with the patient to restore their teeth and their smile within the budget.

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