Remember when your kid was really young, and he wanted nothing more than to become a cricketer? And, then after a few years, nothing could capture his interest more than those swimming lessons he was taking? Truth be told, it’s really difficult to keep up with the changing interests of the child for a parent because it keeps on changing with almost every age. However, at Sapphire International School, a renowned school in Crossing Republik, Vaishali, we believe it to be of utmost importance to pay heed to these myriad interests of kids.

We understand that you might feel skeptical at times about letting kids pursue those fleeting passions that they develop. After all, didn’t he/she lose interest in those swimming lessons within a few months? And, maybe even those cricket lessons are not going that well. In such a situation, it’s natural for you to feel doubtful about allowing them to pursue their interests as per their will.

However, we, at Sapphire International School, would like to assure you that letting children explore different interests is one of the surest ways to help them identify their talents. Let’s understand this statement further through the following discussion.

Interests have to be explored for talents to be discovered

We believe that the foremost reason why children need to explore their interests is that it’s the only way for them to truly find their passion, and thus, their talents. Think of it like this: how would your kids discover that they love football if they have never tried to learn to play the sport? How would they know that they have a knack for singing if they have never actually tried to learn the musical notes and rhythms?

By partaking in different activities, your kids will get to discover what they love to do and what does not hold their interest for too long. And, their talents will unfold before your eyes through this journey of self-discovery.

Taking part in different activities to find their future calling

Engaging in different activities and uncovering their inherent talents is also the way for them to find their true calling in life.  

When the kids find what they are passionate and truly talented about, their interests also become a part of their identity. Thus, they are intrinsically motivated to work and improve their skill set, which becomes instrumental in laying down their future path in life. This is the reason why we always insist on letting the kids explore different activities as it is of immense help in letting them decide what they want to be on growing up.

It is never too early to let them start exploring their interests

As participating in various activities and clubs aids in the development of the children, it is never too early to let the young ones explore their interests. We know that you might be thinking that kids are even more fickle-minded when they are young, and it is better to at least wait until middle school to start considering interests and hobbies. But, we can assure you that once your children find that thing that captures their attention and unlocks their talents, there will be no looking back and this can happen even at an early age.

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We, at Sapphire International School, completely understand that this process of discovering their talents is not going to be a simple one, and there might be a number of misses to begin with. However, the key is to constantly encourage the kids to pursue their hobbies and follow their passions as only by making consistent attempts to explore their skills, they will discover their hidden talents. Our responsibility as their parents and teachers is to stand as their biggest supporters and pillars of strength as they take the path of self-discovery