I was sitting down thinking about my love life and all of my past relationships wondering to myself, where did I go wrong? You meet a guy and everything is sweet, good conversation, and then you realize it’s not going anywhere. Now, we’ve heard the stories about meeting our soul mate and having this undeniable connection, but how do you meet such a person. Let’s exam the difference between your spirit mate and your soul mate. A soul mate is someone who connects with your spirit and sent to help you fulfill your life’s purpose. Your spirit mate is your mate in the spirit preparing you to meet your soul mate in the flesh.

Your spirit mate is working with your spirit guides but their focus is your love life while helping you discover who you are.
Your spirit mate is here to remind you of your commitment to God. They force you to change and give you tough love through circumstances and life events. Your spirit mate is guiding you to them in the flesh. They place morals and principles inside of you and show you your true worth.

In order to align yourself with your soul mate, you must know who you are as a person. Your spirit mate is the one guiding you in the spirit world to become that better version of yourself. You can hear your spirit mate speaking to you telling you what to do and what not to do. They speak to you through card readings informing you on how to improve your life. Once you have built up your self-esteem and get on your intended path, they will begin to test you to see if you can recognize them in the flesh.

Your soulmate is not the person you’ve asked for, but the person that was assigned to you by the Creator. They will demonstrate and repeat the lessons and wisdom given to you by your spiritual lover. They will support you in all you do while making you feel safe and secure. They are not threatened by your knowledge or success. They connect with you on a spiritual level. They see your spirit and that’s what led them to you.

If you’re looking for love search within yourself. Allow your spirit guides to assist you in your life’s mission. As you discover yourself, you will be able to identify what you are searching for in a mate with a clear mindset. Only the divine knows who’s best for you, so let them do the choosing. Your spirit guides know your soul and will lead you to the perfect partner to nurture it!


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