Let Friday The 13th Be A Good Day! @ 1,680 words

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and I am proud to say that it was a good day for me and I sincerely hope that it was a good day for you as well.
It got me to thinking and I thought I'd write a little article because when I talked to a Borders bookstore manager to see about carrying my book of love poems, Dawn's Kiss, I reminded him that today was Friday 13th. "That could account for a lot of things," he replied. By the tone of his voice I assumed that he was referring to the old saying that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck and misfortune.

Now why is that? I asked myself, wondering where that book of mine is that explains the background and history of such events, sayings, and so forth that we speak and just take it for granted such to be real and true. I think of the sayings (some have made their way into songs) like "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all." According to Murphy's law if something can go bad it will. I have heard people say when they receive their check at a restaurant and look it over. "Well, let me see how much damage I have done." As a matter of fact a very dear friend of mine said it one time when a group of us were out for dinner. The irony is this lovely lady runs a spiritual center, and carries a lot of positive thinking books. And I had just done a public channeling/seminar on prosperity and abundance.

Old habits die hard is another saying that we hear so often and take for granted. I admit that I was surprised to hear my friend say such a thing. I gently chided her and told her to kiss her check and thank the universe and her guides for daily prosperity and abundance such as one of my favorite authors Louise Hays recommends in her book, You Can Heal Your Life. My friend took on an embarrassed look and said, "Michael, you are right. I should know better." I also thought of all the times she would say that people were cheap in her particular area where her bookstore and spiritual center are located. That is her reason for validating charging so little for the psychic readings at her monthly psychic fairs while everybody else is charging more just as most everything else has gone up in prices.

As I thought more I said to myself. Friday the 13th is a wonderful day. It is a day of good luck and good fortune. Good things happen to me, and my friends and everybody on this day. I send hugs, energy and good wishes to all, and may all be blessed amply today, and this entire weekend and every day of their life. I emailed a good friend and ended it with have a great Friday the 13th. Good luck and all that good stuff. I kept visualizing 'good things' happening for me and for everybody else and wondered just how powerful it would be if everyone did a similar creative visualization exercise on such days and put forth good energy to everyone and the planet at large. Then the thought spontaneously occurred to me to contact the two Borders bookstore managers I had been trying to reach for the past three weeks. "Yes, give them a call," I heard. Then before I knew what I was saying, I said "But today is Friday the 13th." I caught myself and gently smacked my hand. "You know better, Michael, just as Mary said she knew better than to say what she did at the restaurant that time."

I have heard it said that we teach best what we need to learn most. So here I was thinking about how good a day Friday the 13th can be, and then moments later I turn around and say, But today is Friday the 13th and feel hesitant about calling the bookstore managers. Oh well, we live and learn or we don't. Having caught myself slip into the negative thinking mode for that quick instant gave me more sympathy for others who slip into it constantly. This goes to show that to err is to be human and nobody is perfect or we probably would not be on the earth. It also goes to show how we can be influenced by the mass consciousness and energy both positive and negative.

With that in mind, I proceeded to make the phone calls. To my good fortune I contacted two new bookstore managers, and not one, but both of the other managers who were never in (nor did they return my emails or calls) just happened to be in their office this Friday the 13th. We took care of our business and I smiled and said to myself, "Michael, you see Friday the 13th can be a good day."

Before calling it a day and enjoying a movie, I emailed the book shop manager at Serpent mound who I had met about a month ago and who expressed an interest in carrying my book of poems. My publisher had sent him a review copy but I had not heard back from him. He's probably just busy I said and let it be for a few days. Since I had been saying Friday the 13th is a lucky and a good day, I figured it was a good day to check back with Leonard.

Saying things like this remind us of the power and magic in saying and expecting good things to happen. After I emailed Leonard I found the email I had sent him a couple of weeks back. "My publisher sent you a copy of Dawn's Kiss over a week ago. I would like to know if you have yet received it and when I could contact you to see if you will carry it in your bookshop. My publisher said it takes two to three days to arrive so you should have received it by now. If you carry it, I'd love to have copies available for the Christmas holiday shopping."

I am certainly no master at expressing my intentions and putting out there what I want, but I am hopefully getting better at it. I certainly was clear about wanting my book to be available for Christmas gifts. Again, I think of the phrase we hear so often, 'watch what you ask for, you just may get it.'

The next day, just this morning as a matter of fact, my Friday the 13th weekend of good luck continued. After breakfast I signed onto the internet and to my joyous surprise there was an email from Leonard which said, "Dear Michael. Yes, I have received your book. As usual my standard excuse is I have been too busy to write. I would like it in the bookstore. What would 12 signed copies cost and if this is possible, how soon can I get them? We are only open on weekends through December 21st. Thanks for your time. Till we cross paths again. Take care. Leonard." Tears fell down my face because fear and self-esteem issues kept me from actualizing my writing dream for years. After years of therapy and inner work, my ship is finally beginning to come in. It is never too late for our dreams to come true.

I wrote to my friend Carol who had also been having a good Friday the 13th weekend and said, "Carol, to add to our good luck on Friday the 13th, Leonard at Serpent Mound bookshop is going to carry Dawn's Kiss. Yeah, I won't be earning much per book, as he wants me to sign and directly mail him copies, but at least it will move a few books and that could lead to more book sales. Besides, I love supporting zoos, and national/natural parks so it's all good."

I often think of the Elvis Presley rendition of the Christmas song, why can't every day be like Christmas? That is my favorite Christmas song. Well, why can't everyday be like Christmas? I asked several years ago and started keeping my in-door decorations up all year long. I keep adding more and I love to go to the after Christmas sales and buy more decorations at those reduced prices which keep going down by the day. I have clients who bring me Christmas decorations. They say my Christmas room makes their inner child feel so light and happy. I also start wrapping Christmas presents in October and I spread them all over the place because I love to look at all the bright colors of all the different wrapping paper. I even buy and wrap presents for myself. Then I forget what I bought myself and I'm a fifty-two year old big kid on Christmas morning. I think part of this is because of that horrible Christmas we had when I was thirteen, before my siblings and I went to the foster homes.

I could be healing part of my childhood and I like to think, and I often tell friends and clients, that it's never too late to have a second childhood. May we all love our self more as well as others. And why not? Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself, did he not? Too many of us do not love our self enough or express that love. That is something I think we can all work on.

Let us remember that Friday the 13th can be a good day. For me it was a very productive one. Not only did I make those bookstore manager contacts, I also wrote a new article, edited a chapter in my book Halfway to Heaven, and made some money from my on-line psychic reading business. I give blessings and gratitude to my guides daily and I wish you many blessings, prosperity, good luck, and abundance!

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