Quote: “If you really want to lose weight, deflate the Ego and inflate your True Self”.

We must learn to be who we are if we seek to find our shining Star. The light beams from within your soul but you must do it without living from the Ego. Learn to plant a seed of reaping and sowing. Nurture the heart and focus on growing. When your light shines from the inside out, the Ego will try to fill your head with fears and doubts. Do not be alarmed at this controlling side of your personality. Stay focus on the goal and you will reach your heart’s destiny.

As adults, we try to let go of our past by creating new environments. Suddenly, when something goes wrong, we sense old feelings of anxiety. As children, if we felt a disconnection with our parents, we continue to struggle with unfortunate circumstances. No matter how we fight with the idea that nothing is wrong. Pay attention to the way you handle your problems. Do you over-react when something in your life does not work out? You become irritated, frustrated like an angry child. Now we know why living in the world can feel so alone. We are covered with scars preventing us from finding our way back home. No matter how much we try to avoid these feelings. You will never be able to cure your pain until you search for inner healing. We were born to love and feel accepted until the love we tried to express was rejected. The more rejection we experienced in the past has left us with open scars and hurts of abandonment. Who do we turn to? Where do we go? To solve the inner conflict within our minds, we need to go deeper and look at the Ego. The Ego is the wounded child we battle with everyday. When you behave in childish ways, you are recreating the same patterns and habits from immaturity. The Ego does not inspire, it conspires. It conspires to survive from the wounded heart of the child. If the child received no love from the parents, it looked to others for acceptance. If the child received too much love from the parents, they learned how to manipulate their spoiled and demanding behavior. All of these extreme emotions are played out within us because the Ego does not understand trust. To transcend the Ego into your wholeness, love the child within you and be the Adult parent. We have to stop acting immature because we don’t always get what we want. Stop repeating the same patterns based on your life’s circumstances from young. Move away from the Ego and allow your heart to grow in love. For your heart to grow in love, you must be willing to let go of the Ego and step out of your comfort zone. The Ego known as the scared and scarred child lives in fear from fear of being rejected. If you did not know these emotions are the cause of much drama, there is no reason to hold on to these defenses. The Ego will kill your true spirit. Let it go. Get rid of it. When your Ego deflates, your true self inflates. The Ego sees itself as separate from others. It does not want to accept unity and to see God’s children as brother and sister. The Ego can only see separateness instead of wholeness. In our minds, the child within us never received the proper acceptance. These are only false belief systems of duality. When you transcend the Ego, you must experience emptiness before you can experience spiritual unity. You must unite and integrate all parts of personality and stop living in your illusions of duality. We now travel down the road to Unity versus Duality.

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