Making certain we get up early to do our daily affirmation work, sometimes taking it up even hourly, doing visualizations over and over again, resetting our mindsets, setting goals, making promises, fighting with ourselves to get "there" wherever there is, worrying about having too many negative thoughts, being angry, saving face by making believe we aren't angry when we are, attempting to attract our success in by vibrating in just the right frequencies, getting frustrated that it's taking too long, that, without really knowing just how long it's supposed to take anyway, comparing ourselves with others and their success, even when we have no clue as to either how they actually feel about themselves, or how they're really doing, and then seeking out a million and one processes all designed with the hope that they will eventually lead us to feeling, and then being successful, regardless of what the area of our chosen success pertains to. Whew! Sounds like a lot of work! It is! And it's not that it's not all admirable, and it's not that all this work doesn't produce some results, because it does. That's not the point. The point is, how about, instead of devoting so much of our energy over to this self with self Phyrrhic battle, devote as much of our energy, over time, and as gently as we can, to letting it be.

What? Just let things be, when everyone just knows that you can't get anywhere without resetting your negative mindset, and, and, and. . . on and on and, on. When does that battle end? It ends when we say it does. We can end it? Well, kind of. But sometimes, kind of, is enough. A lot of enough. Let me explain.

If we spend most of our time and energy dealing with what's in our way, when the truth is, nothing is in our way except that we put it there, and never was, what are we doing? We're fighting a Phyrrhic battle with one part of ourselves, with yet another part of ourselves. How about instead, giving ourselves a break from the battle, and letting our internal craziness just plain go. It's there, it's not going to go anywhere, and like everything else that exists, it can't be fixed, changed, or somehow "dealt with," not without fooling ourselves. Not without fooling ourselves that any and all blocks which are self-created anyway, actually go anywhere once we deal with them. In a Universe of limitless possibilities, whatever we feed energy to as blocks, will always have the potential for us to feed energy to them again, so they really don't go away. What we always can do, however, is to diminish the amount of energy we are feeding them, or shift our energy from maintaining them in place, over to a more desirable place, one that has us be successful in our own eyes, regardless of what we say us being successful looks like. Now that's real success!

If then, we let be our negativity be, won't it run amok? Run amok? Doesn't that take energy, time, and maintenance? Yes, you would be right, it does. So if we are not devoting our energy over to our blocks and resistances anymore, and we aren't busy changing them, we are instead, simply not allowing them to be fed from the one and only energy source they have and have ever had: us! They're like empty cups once we stop feeding them energy by letting them be. Without our help, they are powerless to have any effect at all in our lives, and their ability to block our way certainly doesn't exist on its own either, not without us. Barriers and blocks are all powered up by our internal energy, after all, and once we shift that energy, like simply turning the tap running over with water in another direction so that the water that flows can fill up a different cup, one of our choice, then the effect of those blocks runs dry. Again, they don't change, we don't fix them, and it is not incumbent upon us to in any way determine what happens to them now that they're not being fed our energy by us anymore. In fact, what is incumbent upon us, if we desire to be successful, is to let them be.

What does letting something that is a block, such as anger, look like when we let it be? Let's draw out what it looks like using anger as our barrier example, but you can supplant anger with just about anything else. When you are angry, what happens? What happens is that you get angry. Okay, what's the problem with that? You are angry when you're angry after all, and it's not like that's ever going to change, so what is the problem? Should you not be angry when you're angry? How's that going to ever happen? Even the enlightened tell us that when they're angry, they're angry. Nothing changes! What does change, however, is the only thing that can change, and that's the amount of time we stay in anger. Or in practical terms, the amount of time our attention is distracted away from accomplishing our goals, and onto the maintenance of a barrier to that accomplishment, such as anger, or anything else for that matter. Wow! So how do we do this redirecting of our energy?

We do this by realizing that first of all, we are the only ones who ever feed our anger the energy to continue as a distracting barrier or block. No one is able to just simply not be angry at all anymore. What happens instead, is that in this new practice, the amount of energy we feed to our anger once we do get angry, diminishes over time, and it's in this act of less maintenance of our anger, or to practice feeding it no more energy than we do initially, that all the difference in the world is made. It's not not getting angry that's important in the diminishment of it as a block to our happiness, or success, it's not feeding it any more energy than to tell the truth about it, be angry, and then after that, let it be that's important to us here. Let it be!

Is this even possible? You bet it is, and it's the same process every single successful human being has ever used both before and after they got enlightened, rich, happy, successful, or satisfied, bar none. Everyone gets angry, or _________, you fill in the blank, for any emotion, feeling, thought, or action, it's the same "no more maintenance" process that allows those negative things to simply be what they are, and then more importantly, nothing else. And it's in that nothing else, where our ability to take the energy we do have, and turn it away from maintenance of negativity, and toward the sustenance of accomplishment, really shines.

The second part of this incredibly useful process, is to ask yourself, "What does it mean when I'm angry?" What it means when we are angry, is that we are angry, and nothing, not a thing else. We are not bad when we are angry, it's not bad to get angry, and to be angry is to be human. The real negative effect anger has in our lives isn't in being angry, it's in making believe that we are not, when we are! Doing that, takes a lot of energy. And we wonder why we're tired all the time sometimes! To do that is to resist our anger in the face of the Universal Maxim that states "What we resist, persists." If instead, we tell the truth about it, and say we're angry when we are, and then let it be, no more energy is fed to it, and it just quiets down. It's not that we can't ever get angry again, we can, and we will, it's that for that moment when you tell the truth about being angry, and then fully experience it, what happens? What happens is that you are so conscious of your state of being that you have some real power to decide just what your state of being is going to be in the next moment, after you stop resisting your anger, and just let it be. Now that place you decide to go emotionally after you get angry, that's your real place of power.

It's your real place of power because while none of us have control over how we react to anything, and may in fact, may have to face the fact, that we may never have such illusory control, a pre-emptive control that is attempted through affirmations, visualizations, etc, and on and on, and on, the truth remains. The truth is, we do have absolute control over the place we decide our energy will go to after we get angry and then experience it fully. A control and power that we have always had. And the real irony is that despite our huge desire to control our lives, so few decide to devote their energy over to the only area they are ever able to control; where their energy goes to after they get angry. And then as per usual and in line with our backwards training, they usually attempt to control in advance, what they cannot control at all: their reactive system which will always be just what it is, reactive, or a reaction in response to some stimuli.

Once you really allow this process to sink in, and more importantly, you practice it, people will believe that you don't get angry anymore, because to experience your anger fully, and then to tell the truth about it, only takes a few seconds. That's why we believe that there are people out there who don't get angry, frustrated, ________, again---you fill in the blank---anymore. They still do. But what they don't do, is to devote any more of their time than their reactive system makes them initially devote, to the maintenance and upkeep of their anger. Now that's really letting it be!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ a thirty week online seminar designed for your success.

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