Would you like to be more Successful Selling?   

Would You like MORE Sales MORE Often?

Diana will be sharing her 5 Step Sales process..

"The Ability to sell is the #1 skill required in business" Robert Kiyosaki Selling requires you to master communications, be genuinely interested in understanding your clients needs and providing them guidance to solve their problems..

Diana has help 1000 s of  corporations, business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs to  increase their sales performance, revenue, retention, while maintaining a congruent message .     

You will be  introduced to the  5 steps that need to occur in any sale .. for the sale to come to fruition. You will be able to identify each step and measure where you are at in the process,
Speaker Bio

Diana Sabatino is originally from Pittsburgh Pa, but has lived throughout the United States and Abroad.

Diana left her 14 year corporate career in 1997 with a fortune 100, as VP of Training & Sales Development to open 3DInternational Training & Consulting Inc.  

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Event Information:
Start Date: 07/08/2020 11:00 AM
End Date: 07/08/2020 01:00 PM
Timezone: Canada/Mountain, Informal Networking 10:30 AM
Location: Online Event - Zoom
Chapter: Edmonton, AB

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Join Sandra Yancey, Founder & CEO of eWomenNetwork, as she shares her successful strategies on “How to S.C.A.L.E. Your Business for greater Impact, Revenue and Prosperity.” Sandra will unveil the keys to having a successful, thriving, profitable business. Visit ewomennetwork.com