How we look at our life and the world around us has a lot to do with how we live our lives. If we see our lives from a point of view that is pessimistic, negative, or without hope, then this is what our lives will feel like. When we see our lives as progressing, changing, and evolving, then this is the life we will live. The same can be said for how we see the world around us; it is all a matter of our perception. Two people seeing the same thing will of course interpret it differently. Two people living basically the same life will see and understand it from two different points of view.

Why does this negative outlook on life happen? It often happens because we get locked into one way of being and stay there. We forget to let go of our perceptions, emotions, or thoughts after the initial moment is gone; we continue to see the world and our lives from the same point of view that created the negativity. We do not let go so that we can go back to seeing the world from a more open perspective. If we keep this perspective for too long, everything begins to feel and seem like it is hard, unacceptable, and a strain. Life is not really this way; it is often our perception that clouds the reality and causes us to live this life.

When you are sad, does everything in your life seem to fit this perspective, like everything matches how you feel? If you feel down and depressed, is it harder to see the possibilities and the hope in your life? It is because of how you see yourself and the moments you are in that create the world you exist in. We continue feeling this way because of our perspective, and then we keep ourselves locked into this behavior with a momentum that is hard to stop. We may not even fully realize that we are doing this to ourselves, for it has at one point become ordinary. We can shift out of this; we can let go of the perception so that we can see life differently. How do you do this, how can you let go of something that feels real and permanent? First, you must imagine being without it; you must really believe you can let it go and that it is in your best interest. For when you feel negative in any way, the world and your life will reflect this, and you will continue to live this way. When you let go of that perception of seeing the world and your life from that point of view, the hope, openness, and possibilities can be seen again.

We set the stage for our lives by how we see it. Imagine clearing the stage and creating a new world and life to live in. Do this by setting aside how you have decided you feel and how the world seems to be. Lay it aside so that you can live your life free of the constraints of your predetermined idea of what it is. Simply by realizing you do not have to live this way and that you no longer want to, you can let it go. Do not make it any harder than this, for that is negativity creeping in and telling you cannot let it go. Of course you can. At one point in your life, you developed this point of view, and you can also let it go. We are in charge of ourselves, our behavior, our perceptions, and we have the capability to always change, no matter what. The possibilities are endless in our lives; who we are is always changing and there is always hope, for life never stays the same. Imagine that you are done with feeling this way, that life is not only what or how you think it is. Imagine just letting go of what used to be you, who you were, and how you saw the world so that you can live from a more open and accepting place.

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