When we let go of our ideas of the world around us, we begin to see what is really there. When we open ourselves up to what is real, we begin to live the life we are really living. Just by setting aside our agendas, expectations, control, and the process we normally live by, we escape the rudimentary existence we have been living in. Life is not only how we see it or believe it to be. Opening up yourself to simply be with what is, without your ideas controlling how you see life, is a remarkable experience, for often we are choosing how to see life. We take in only what we want to see and nothing more.

We can omit certain parts of life if we dislike it, but in doing so, we are omitting a part of life. We distract ourselves mentally, so as not to exist where we are. We choose to turn our head away so that we can continue to see life as we want it. However, without our ideas, we can exist with the world as it is, see everything, and be part of everything. We can take it all in because it doesn’t have to fit in with our ideas; we can be part of the world no matter what it looks like. We do not have to be afraid because our ideas do not tell us to be afraid. We do not have to be worried because our ideas are not controlling what we feel. We have no expectations because we have let go of our ideas; therefore, we see everything as it is, without trying to change it.

When we become part of life, without ideas of how it should be, we free up ourselves to live in reality. We can exist in the world without trying to change it or control it. We do this often, more than you would think and on many levels. Often this is why we struggle, for life doesn’t seem to fit in with our ideas. That is why we tend to block out certain moments or parts of life, and why we tend to fight what doesn’t fit in with our ideas of life. Without the idea of how life should be, we can live without struggle, the emotional upheaval, and the pressure of maintaining life within our perspective. It seems simple to let go of how we think the world is, but it can feel hard, for we do it in so many ways. The easiest path is to accept all that is around you instead of trying to change it. To let go of all your expectations so that you do not have to try to control how something is or could be. By having no ideas of how something should be, you can exist in the world just as it is. Allow yourself to look at everything, even if you feel the desire not to, for that is reality. Accept rather than challenge what life is, for that is reality. Allow yourself to be part of life as it is by living in it and not your idea of what it is or should be.

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