The title seems almost contradictory, doesn't it? An article on how to let success just happen? How do we let success happen? How does this work? Especially when we have been thoroughly indoctrinated into having to work, stress out, and make things happen, or they just won't happen, now will they? Let me explain.

Yes, there are many, many, things to do on the road of success. And one of those things might just be to let it happen! A success that can only be defined by you, for you, and you alone. Only you can decide when it is you will finally feel successful for whatever you have done. There are no outside judges, there can't be. It's your success, after all! Yes, there are a million people with a million opinions about your life, but none of them, not one of them, really counts. And just because we have been trained into listening to others for indications of how successful we are, their opinions do not impact the way we truly feel inside of ourselves. Only our one opinion ever impacts that, and so determines how we feel about ourselves. Be in touch with your inherent self-worthiness, and no matter what anyone else does or says about you, you will still feel good about yourself and in turn, you will feel successful. It just works this way. The way it also works is that once we feel successful, we will also start being successful, and in so many ways you can't even count them up yet.

So now we know there may be things to do along the road of our success. Notice I said "of" and not "to." There is no success thing to get to, there is only the road we take and to feel successful along that road as we go. To be traveling along our road feeling successful, now that, is success! Because there is no "success moment" to get to, only "feeling success in this moment" to live, right now, here and now, and forever more. We will always be traveling along our paths, and the only people who truly "get somewhere" permanently, are dead people. Death is pretty permanent. Success is a flowing as we are going experience. So if we don't feel successful now, then we may never feel successful. Once we do feel successful as we are going along, we become like a magnet for more and more manifestations of success. Manifestations that make us happy, because we have somewhere decided that "this thing" will represent my success, and once I attain it, I will feel successful. It's a never ending loop of positive attraction of all things good. Our good things.

One note to make on our road of success is that whatever those positive things are that we have decided will make us feel successful, we have to list them. That's right, we have to list out our exact "conditions of satisfaction," what they are, and then at what exact point we will decide that once we have attained this thing, then we will definitely feel successful, and so be successful. Because if we don't do that, if we don't decide what we have determined will represent our success, then no matter what we attain, we won't allow ourselves to bask in our good experience of having attained it. Ever notice that once someone gets that huge, new car, they almost invariably then begin to worry about someone hitting it? Rather than being jubilant that they attained an item on their list of what will make them feel successful once they are successful? Or maybe they just forgot to make that list out! Now you don't have to forget. The invitation is to go and make that list out for yourself, and right now.

Back so soon? You can always make that list longer! You go!

Okay, back to success and letting it happen. For most of us, we have worked out some details of how we think our success will manifest for us, and for most of us we have also done quite a bit of worrying, work, and waiting, for that success to happen. It just may be the time to let go of having to worry, work, and wait so hard, and do what we came into this lifetime to do, and that is to enjoy it! The actions that we take after our decision to truly enjoy our lives, just might be the same ones we have always taken, but given that we are now doing them in joy, the effect of those actions will astound you! For instance, back when we subscribed to the "have to work my butt off for it" theory, we might have had to speak to fifteen people in order to achieve one single, small, result. Whew! What work! But we did get to be right that success is hard work! There you go, as always, our lives do work perfectly, and always perfectly in line with the beliefs we have about our lives. How about doing something different now?

That something different would be to now subscribe to the theory that life is good, play is wonderful, and our purpose is to enjoy this incredible gift we have been given. In that mode of sheer appreciation, now you may talk to one person this time, and incredibly, achieve not only the results you were able to previously achieve only after talking to fifteen people, but also much, much, more than that! The details of your life and what you have to do in order to be successful in your eyes may not have changed, but the effort you have to put into carrying out those details certainly has! That's what is meant by allowing our success to happen, rather than forcing it. Ever notice that when you are non-attached to some result, truly non-attached, that it just seems to show up? With my writing career this is certainly true. When I just don't care how a contract is going to work out, whether it gets signed or not, or whether I do the project, even if I care about the project, then what happens? I get the contract every time. Every time! That's letting go, and letting success happen.

And it's not that I didn't have to write the contract out and meet with the people who were the other parties on that contract, I did! This isn't the invisible tactics, magic poof-and-then-it-happens road of success, this is the real-things-to-do and the real-things-to-be road. Because the one shift we must make in order to most powerfully impact those real things to do, is to for-real be in a place of allowing in our success. This place is one of being appreciative, thankful, forgiving, and in the direct experience of our own inherent self-worthiness. This, more than anything else, is our new job, because it's the real work that will allow us the most powerfully, to shift our mindset and our feelings, into success attracting ones. There is no better process out there than The Loving Process© from the book Be Bad! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself! for getting into a place where you are in the full and complete experience of your own, right here and right now, already existing, self-worthiness.

So again, how do we let our success happen? By doing everything we are doing right now sometimes, and then also by sometimes choosing new things to do, and then most of all, by being in that appreciative and jubilant place, celebrating our lives, because that is what will most of all make the actions we will take and are already taking, and even those we have long ago taken, work out in the most brilliantly successful way possible for us. Now get out there and take care of all those things to do, including what you now have to be. Be appreciative, be thankful, be in a place of gratitude, and there you go! You are now being successful, and in the most important eyes of all: yours! Now that's how to just let your success happen!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!(tm) online seminar series, a thirty week course designed to uncover all of our skills for success.

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