Take a moment right now to think of a few foods you particularly disliked when you were younger but now enjoy as an adult. For me there was brussel sprouts, broccoli, spinach and eggplant. As a child I was required to eat these foods because they were “good for me.” I certainly would not have eaten them if I did not have to. I now choose to eat them and I enjoy them (except for eggplant- I still dislike eggplant). As far as I know brussel sprouts have not changed much in the last 30 years; what changed was my perspective.

This is the essence of moving from level two (L2) to L3 integrity. Here the superficial forces of L1 are much less of a factor (if at all). The “because I said I would” drive of L2 (an avoidance mechanism) does not occur to you. Your daily commitmment (DC) becomes an act of self-expression, completely consistent with who you are becoming. When you are living in L3 your DC is a positive, powerful, pleasant choice. Your workouts, calls, reading, meditation, writing, or other DC’s have become a part of your lifestyle. Your DC has not changed, what has changed is perspective. It can be an extraordinarily empowering moment when “have to” becomes “want to” and "get to".

“I like green eggs and ham! I like them, Sam-I-am!” -Dr. Seuss

While both L2 and L3 integrity are driven internally, this is where the similarity ends. Here’s a breakdown:

Avoidance driven--->Moving toward
Will power--->Want power
GIT-R-DUN--->Enjoy the process
Means to an end--->Self-expression
Have to--->Get to/want to

Living in L3 is truly living at a higher level. It is here we often feel a sense of passion, purpose, and progress. From a purely practical standpoint, it is much easier to maintain your DC when it is enjoyable rather than something you do purely out of duty or obligation. Furthermore, while there are exceptions, the quality of output generated in L3 will tend to be superior to that of L1 or L2.

There is however another level, L4. This will be the topic of my next post.

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