Are you ready to start working smarter in your business so that you are not working seemingly endless hours for less money than you want to be making? Let's be honest here. You are in business because you want to help people, and many of you tell me that it is not about the money. If that were entirely true, than you would be doing "that thing you do" as a hobby, not a business. And, if you are not making money in your business where you do "that thing you do", you are really buying yourself an expensive hobby. So, let's just assume that you are in business to help people AND to make money. That does not make you a bad, non-spiritual person. It makes you a smart, savvy entrepreneur that knows you are valuable and worthy of the fees you charge for the great value you offer your clients. You cannot make a great big huge impact if you are not making the money that supports you in doing that.

With your smart, savvy entrepreneur mindset, have a look at these tips to get you out of overwhelm and get you into joyful profits in less time...

Tip #1 - Stop working on a solely 1:1 basis with your clients! There is an exceptionally good reason why this is the first tip! There is a limited amount of time in each day and if you only work with one client at a time 100% of the time, you are going to hit a glass ceiling on your in.come, guaranteed.

Tip #2 - Create group programs. You are able to serve more than one client at a time and clients will benefit from the input of other people. These can include workshops, teleseminar series, group coaching, masterminds and so forth.

Tip #3 - Recycle your material! Have a live event coming up, such as workshop? Why not record it, have it transcribed and package it into a downloadable (or even shippable) home study? You can add in some exercises, templates or scripts and include juicy bonuses such as a ticket to your next event or a special offer on a VIP Day. Ensure that your clients have access to you in multiple formats and allow them to decide which they prefer.

Tip #4 - Have systems in place to free up your time. Anything that is being done on a regular basis should be systematized, where possible, to save you time and ensure a consistent experience for your clients.

Tip #5 - If you do not have a team, or even a VA, hire as soon as you possibly can. You need to focus on what you do best and enjoy doing. Everything else should be delegated. When you are new, this can present a challenge, so simply start with a few hours a month and increase those hours as you can. When you are not spending your time on the day to day operations and are focused on income-producing activities, your income - and ability to hire a team - will increase.

Bonus Tip - Schedule creative time so you can always have your next offer ready. When a client is nearing completion of a program with you, have a new offer for them to step into so they can continue working with you. Even if a client has completed a full year-long program with you, they may be ready for your next year long program, or even a VIP Day offer. Never assume the end of the program is the end of working with a client. This takes good planning, but is so worth it.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Fraser is a Marketing & Money Mindset Business Coach and the founder of Lisa J Fraser Business Coaching - Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling on Your Coaching or Small Business Income.

Lisa specializes in helping Coaches and Women-preneurs who are ready to stop struggling to get their message seen and heard so they can attract ideal clients and generate a great income with their business. By leveraging their time and streamlining their offers, they are able to happily serve more clients, work fewer hours in their business and avoid burnout. Lisa's clients discover their perfect niche, create a Signature Brand, package up their offers, generate their 1 year marketing calendar, create a "million dollar mindset" and finally charge what they're worth...and get it!

With her positive energy and unwavering commitment to the success of her clients, Lisa helps her clients achieve consistent, lucrative results.

Lisa Fraser is a Certified Coach Practitioner; Money, Certified Marketing and Soul Coach; and Certified Niche Breakthrough Specialist.