Last week we saw with Adversity, you cannot just expect a problem to be solved on its own. In such, we produced a strategy for you to Overcome Adversity. That strategy turned you into an unbeatable individual.

When you can learn how to think strategically, you learn how to maneuver yourself into a position for growth. It keeps you alert, excited and active in the present moment.

It has been done before.

Strategy was and is used by the most important historical figures and prosperous individuals of our time. Each of them used a strategy-no matter how complex or simple it may have been- to get them to the finish. This not only made people from Martin Luther King to Bill Gates achievers but national icons.

We are going to take a look at the various aspects of your life and put a strategy in place to succeed in each one. This will launch you into the pilot seat, to take hold and steer in any direction you desire.

Let’s get started.

Life is expensive. In order to provide our families with proper education, nourishment, activities and fun we have to learn how to make an income. As we learned from week three, Creating Cash from Scratch, there are many ways to do this. Today, we are going to focus on one specific tactic for any business endeavor you explore.

I know you are busy and I know you have a multitude of million dollar ideas. Unfortunately, you do not have all the time in the world and you do not have 8 hands to complete every single task.

Remember, this has all been done before.

Although, the United States is the new world, success is an ancient story. People are creating ideas and flourishing all around us. You don’t have to re-create what has already been created.

Let’s leverage.

I don’t want you to exhaust yourself. You are valuable. Leveraging is the tactical idea that you enhance what has already been done. Take for instance, Facebook. We discussed in Creating Cash from Scratch, that social networking sites can increase your profits tremendously. This means, you are leveraging off of the websites traffic and driving it to your own site.

What about the marketing or sales end of your company? Take a look at the weakest piece of your business. Outsourcing that work to an expert increases your productivity because he or she is doing the work they know how to do best. Then, you can focus your time on what you know how to do best. Which of course leads to a better business model and more profits.

Take Action!

Game Plan #1: Are you getting stuck thinking up ideas, finding money, solutions for your business? Stop treading in the mud. This is the “Starting Line.” Think about what resources are already out there.

Skill Sets
The Internet
The Library
A specialist in your field

You can use many models, information, ideas that have already been created. Then, think about it and improve them. Make them fit your needs, your ideas and your life.

Leveraging doesn’t stop with outsourcing tasks to experts in the field. Remember, it can be using the Internet to market your business and leverage off of other people’s sites. It is about taking what already exists and making it much better.


Life is expensive. Applying a leveraging strategy to your business model will increase your revenue. You will be able to leverage off of all of the expensive ideas, companies and people in our world. It is the one tactic that actually gives you more time and less stress. Taking it on all alone, can only take you so far. I am not allowing you to just do what is required of you. You are capable of achieving excellence. Strategize and use leveraging as a tool to put your business on the map.

To Your Abundant Success,

Laura Roman Lopez
Pathways To Power, LLC

Author's Bio: 

Laura Roman Lopez is the CEO & President of Pathways To Power, LLC since 2005.

For the past 20 years, Laura has been a source of inspiration and hope for tens of thousands of individuals across the globe. Just as her "Wealth Creation" principles transformed her from a despondent single mother to entrepreneur, home owner, and graduate scholar, her insights on personal and business development have enabled her to mentor countless others world-wide towards achieving personal success and lasting wealth.