Time management skills are an essential factor in contributing to the productivity of an individual at work or home. With so many hardware and software tools available at one’s disposal these days, many people are of the view that these technology tools distract and hamper time spent on more productive activities. However, this view represents only on side of the issue. One can efficiently manage time by leveraging the power of technology and use some of the great tools to simplify and organize life at work and on the personal front.

Some of commonly used applications that can help you to enhance your productivity are briefly described here.

• Google Calendar Sync
Often people end up making different entries on multiple devices while at work or during travel. Spending time in synchronizing these schedules is not a good way to manage time. Google Calendar Sync is an excellent tool that synchronizes calendar entries from multiple applications sparing you the time and effort to handle multiple calendar entries.

• Email Me
You can use ¨Email Me¨ on your droid to send useful reminders, links, notes to yourself during the day automatically using Gmail. This tool also allows you to schedule emails to be sent at intervals, create email templates, etc. This convenient tool boosts up your productivity and is a great asset for your time management skills.

• Planner Pads
This is a remarkable tool that helps you to achieve your targets by making the best use of your time management skills. If working simultaneously on several assignments and tasks is leaving you overwhelmed and confused, then this tool could be your savior. It helps you to set realistic targets for a specific period, say a monthly or quarterly basis. In short, these targets can be quantified and then broken down into smaller time frames, i.e. a fortnightly or weekly basis. You thus get a macro view of the efforts and resources you need to meet these targets and whether they are achievable. If there appear any shortfalls, then corrective actions can be taken in advance.

• Gmail
Gmail is one of the most popular mail applications to provide you with the option to access any of your mail account and respond to it from your Gmail account itself. Thus you save time by not having to check all your mail accounts.

• TimeTrade or a calendar sync
If you spend a lot of time going back and forth organizing your calendar, appointments, etc, it is really worth using TimeTrade.com or something similiar. Appointments can be schedule with a shared calendar directly from a company website or landing page. It works with other online calendars, like Google.

• Windows Live Writer
If you are a prolific blogger, who happens to be not very HTML savvy, you might wish to expedite your time spent in editing and reviewing your blog. Windows Live Writer is a great tool that can improve your productivity because it lets you write share and save posts with a great deal of simplicity and flexibility.

Kirstin O´Donovan is a Productivity Coach for TopResultsCoaching
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Kirstin O´Donovan is a Productivity Coach, helping individuals who struggle with time-management, organization and procrastination to achieve their goals and gain control over their time. She helps you to alleviate stress, be more productive, empowered and have more time to do what you want.