Although there was a departure from the smartphone business last year, LG issued a security patch and update Android 12 to several devices.

The company posted a road map that describes the software update that has been planned for the second quarter of this year. Q52, Velvet, and Wing will get the latest security patches while Q92 5G, V50 Thinq, and V50S Thinq will get an Android update 12. Updates are scheduled for Q2 release.

LG Notes in posts that this is a tentative "artificial roadmap before a detailed technical review", and if the update will not meet the company's usability standards may not be released. The post also warned that some updates might not appear outside Korea.

Roadmap Trek with a three-year promise of the company announced shortly after announcing the death of his smartphone business.
It stated that "Premium phones were released in 2019 and then (Series G, V series, Velvet, Wing)" will get three iterations of Android updates (which we assume means large updates). It is not clear whether the company plans to update any cellphone to Android 13.

We have reached LG about the expected long life of this update considering the company no longer produces a smartphone, and we will update this post if we hear anything back.

The LG Venture smartphone lasts long before floundering in recent years. The company pushed the envelope many times with releases such as LG G2 and V10 which received a warm welcome in their respective heyday.

Unfortunately, it flew too close to the sun with a telephone like G5
(which we like), and the effort later to change the game was greeted with abundant reception continues. While many reviewers praised the new things that the company tried, they were not good enough to really take off. Wings for example are very good in theory but have a fair share of problems such as finding target markets.

Very encouraging to see that even though LG was done making a new cellphone, he had not yet wasted software support for several existing telephone customers.

Although LG does indeed include wings in its promise, it is not on the current road map it will be released in Q2, implying that there are likely some additional optimization to be done for a unique form factor for cellphones.

The Stylo series and the ranks of the smartphone seemed to have finished, because three-year promises stated that the cellphone would only get two major updates from their release year 2020

We think LG does it is good enough to the promise interests, but still have to be seen how the road map will play.
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