The next big thing is so called Li-Fi

Today, in this modern age of information, everything has gone digital and entirely revolves around the internet. There is a paradigm shift at this time, and technology has evolved way beyond what humans have imagined before 20 years and managed to penetrate everyday life in ways previously unimagined even in the science fiction movies. Everything happens on the internet, that has become necessary to accommodate the rising demands, and because it's the digital age. In our daily life wireless data has become an essential commodity and Li-Fi will only add for a perfect tomorrow.

What is Li-Fi?

Now you are asking yourself what is Li-Fi. lf Using LED lights is now technology for wireless communication and transmitting data between devices. And the term Li-Fi stands for ‘Light Fidelity’. LThe Li-Fi it's like Wi-Fi but 1000 times faster because of the multiple LED lights that form the basics of the wireless network and uses light spectrum.

How Does Li-Fi Work?

Transmitting data with Li-Fi is by modulation the intensity of light from an LED source which is then received by a photo-sentisitive detector and once received, the light signal is demodulated into electronic form.Making wireless communication possible, is that LED light can be switched on and off very fast and it's not possible to see with human eye. When the LED light is 'on' then it's a positive signal and also known as 1 in binary terms. The 0 in binary terms is when the LED light is 'off' and it's equated as a negative signal. 

The light source it's semiconductor device, which it's enabled to be modulated to extremely high speeds.

Is Li-Fi secure?

The security of Li-Fi is the same as the security of Wi-Fi. So, in order to feel safe you will still have to use some encrypt internet traffic methods to secure yourself from hackers. Also, if you are a blog/site owner you should consider adding some additional security plugins or APIs to your website.

Will the walls be blockers with the new Li-Fi technology

If someone is standing between the device that is supposed to be connected to internet data and the LED light it can block or slow the data transfer. Also it is known that lights can't penetrate walls, and the lights must be always turned on for data transfer to happen. And that's the exact limit for the Li-Fi and stopping it so it can be used in our homes. In general it has a shorter functioning range than Wi-Fi but it is a lot safer and faster so it is perfect for offices for now and soon we hope it will be for our homes if something is done about the always on LED’s.

Also for the above issue there is a solution: the LED lights can be turned 'off' to a point that's not visible to our eyes. However, it's still unable to pass through walls and is also a huge issue with Li-Fi for now. 

What’s next to finalize this novelty?

The past few years have introduced Li-Fi to us. Li-Fi fills in the gaps that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can't be used in airplanes, also in some hospital rooms where the hospital equipment is very sensitive and the radio waves are an issue to them. As both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are continuing to develop, looking into the near future of Li-Fi has a lot of potential in it.

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Mimi Kondo Tech Lover and Traveler to technologically advanced countries and cities.