From his troubled beginnings growing up in poverty in New South Wales, Australia to overseeing several million-dollar ventures, Liam Christopher’s story is worthy of consideration for any aspiring entrepreneur coming from humble origins. For this reason, he is sharing everything he has learned throughout his long career in business in his new book, How to Make Money and Influence Customers: Proven Ways to Unlock Online Learning Potential.


In addition to an unfiltered account of his early struggles, the book contains tips and tutorials on subjects such as adopting the right mindset for success, surrounding yourself with the right circle of people, finding what you’re good at, and leveraging authenticity. Liam has emphasized the importance of authenticity, both for selling products and for cultivating connections with clients.

“I think that a lot of people online lie about their success, whereas I can back up every single thing I have done, every client that I’ve worked with, and every dollar that I’ve made,” Liam said. “I can also back up every brand that I’ve founded and every celebrity that I’ve worked with, and I think the fact that I am authentic resonates well with my clients and the people that I work with.”

Liam’’s authenticity can be seen in the way he describes his childhood hardships. As one of four children struggling to get by with a mother addicted to drugs and alcohol, Liam dreamt of a better life until a stroke of luck gave him a chance to pursue his dreams. He decided to pursue a career in investment banking after a family friend who was an investment banker bought his family a house. To accomplish this goal, he studied economics after receiving a scholarship to the University of Texas, eventually landing a job at Goldman Sachs. However, he was destined for other things.

“You work hundreds of hours, do what you’re told in the hopes that if you could stick around long enough, that maybe in 5-10 years you could be on a seven-figure salary,” he recalled about his job at Goldman Sachs. “I didn’t last more than two years in my role.”

Instead, Liam left to start his own company, Clean Energy Technology Holdings, which he eventually made seven figures through. He went on to serve in executive roles for companies in several different industries, including the beauty and digital marketing industries. Because of his desire to see more aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their dreams instead of settling for dead-end jobs, Liam also shares his knowledge of business-related topics at digital marketing conferences around the world. Liam Christopher’s life and career are a living testament to the idea that anyone can find success in the business world, regardless of their origins.

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