The Libra Full Moon on April 6 is the first of five SuperMoons in 2012. A SuperMoon occurs when the Moon is at both perigee—orbiting point closest to Earth and syzygy— in line with the Sun and the Earth. This greatly intensifies the gravitational pull on the tides, tectonic plates and human life. For instance, humans are made of sixty percent water. This gives the Moon tremendous influence over our body, emotions and consciousness.

All full Moons create an opposition—between the Sun and the Moon. Oppositions are awareness that come to us externally—through external events, situations and people. The Sun in Aries rule by Mars is the energy of independence, individuality and assertiveness. The Moon in Libra ruled by Venus is the energy of co-operation, supportive alliances, and the benefit in creating win/win solutions to our problems.

♠ Where do you need to be fearless?

♠ Where do you need to join forces?

♠ Where can you create a win/win solution to a pressing problem?

Everything is energy. I am energy. You are energy. The astrology maps the energy patterns in motion. Aries is the first sign. It represents the power of the individual, our right to freedom, the ability to take a risk and try something new. Libra is the sign of peace, partnership and justice. Libra challenges us to see both sides and to find the middle ground to find what is fair. In Libra, we ask, “What is fair in this relationship or situation?”

Libra’s key phrase is “I balance.” Libra’s keyword is “Harmony.”

The big three, Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries are reshaping the new energetic status quo. They are the driving forces in our energetic zodiac. Uranus in Aries is giving the power back to the people. The grassroots are now shaping our ideals and ideas. Those in power will only be successful if they work with the people.

“We are on the verge of a global culture of liberation.”—Carl Boudreau

Neptune is in challenging aspect to Mars and Venus at the Libra Full Moon. Venus and Mars rule love, money and relationships. We want to be awake and aware. Do not be fooled by romantic illusion and/or financial fantasy. Neptune creates our highest ideals that are best internalized and used in our work and creativity. However, most humans project their Neptune out onto other people and situations. This leads to delusion and confusion. Be aware that Neptune can also represent the liar, thief and betrayer.

Neptune creates the emotional roller coaster ride. We can soar to the heavens in our delicious delights—he/she is my twin flame. We are going to make millions on this new business idea for instance. Down the road, you discover s/he makes promises to many people and does not keep their word. The remedy to Neptune’s disappointment is to see people for who they are and not who we want them to be. If you are feeling lost or confused by someone, an opportunity and/or a situation ask yourself:

♠ What is s/he offering you?

♠ What do you know to be true?

♠ What have you been avoiding?

♠ What does your intuition tell you—your “gut instinct”?

♠ Are their any red flags?

The Libra Full Moon chart reveals that Neptune has the upper hand. In other words, the planets are depositing—reporting in to Neptune. Neptune is direct and in his home sign—Pisces. This makes him the most powerful planet. Neptune moves slowly and penetrates deeply into our psyche. Neptune is washing away the past. Neptune is flooding us with the LOVE/LIGHT Goddess energy. Neptune is empowering us to move from war to peace. Neptune is guiding us to our Ascension and Full Consciousness.

Transformative Pluto turns retrograde April 10—Sept 18. Pluto operates in the shadows in the unconscious. We are not always aware of his activity. Pluto retrograde gives us the opportunity to recognize and confront the shadow within—our fear, darkness and to transform it. Pluto represents power. How we get power. Own power and give our power away. We want to own our power—our authority. In other words, do not bully and do not allow others to bully you. We want to allow others to find their own way and not force our beliefs, ideas or ideals on them. This is our 5D graduation requirement—practicing the Law of Allowing and Acceptance. For instance, harmony is not everyone agreeing. Harmony is not everyone living the same lifestyle. We do not have to make other people wrong in order to be right. Right fighting is 3D limited consciousness. Right/wrong is duality. You can be right. I can be right. We can agree to disagree. Harmony is allowing the individual’s inner authority to decide what is right for them.

“Everyone doesn’t have to be the same. Most say, “Well, it’s so much easier if we’re all the same.” And we say, it is not easier when you’re all the same; conformity is the thing that thwarts you most. That massive wanting to get you to conform – to all think the same way and want the same things – is what is causing the revolt that is happening within you. You are determined to be freedom-seekers in a Mass Consciousness society that is determined to make you the same.” — Abraham

Given the nature of my work, I have the opportunity to work with people from the Middle East. I work with clients all over the planet. Experience has taught me that people want the same things in life. For instance, most people want a good job, a successful business, love, health, well-being a bright future for their children and grandchildren. In truth, separation is an illusion. We are a special soul family called human beings living on Gaia. She is a living being like you and me only her body is Earth. Additionally, we are taking the planet back from those who rape and pillage Gaia for their own selfish gain. We are the rightful Sheppard’s of Mother Earth. We need to restore her to her Original Edenic Splendor. This will increase our abundance, health, vitality for all creatures’ great and small sharing our gorgeous tiny blue planet—home.

“This is not about a return to nature, but to our nature. Born of the Earth, We are its inheritance.” ~ James Wanless

Messenger Mercury is direct in Pisces. Mercury will return to Aries on April 16, accelerating the pace of life, communication, sparking innovation and invoking stronger language. Mars is direct on April 13. We want to be aware of our pent up emotions and frustrations this day by directing our Mars through positive behavior. For example, go outdoors, dance, exercise or exert oneself in a physical project. These are positive outlets for the passionate Mars energy. Moreover, with Mars in Virgo, we need to watch for the tendency to worry, see the faults, imperfections in oneself and/or in other people. Instead, we could center on solutions and not on the problems. Albert Einstein taught us that a problem could not be solved at the same level of thinking that it was created. We want to keep our focus on what we can do and on the remedy.

Success is not a want. Success is a need driven by passion.

♠ What is your passion?

♠ Do you work with passion?

♠ What assets do you have i.e., good health, a willingness to grow and change?

♠ What opportunities are available to you right now?

♠ How can you reinvent yourself and find fresh passion in your life and in work?

One strategy for Navigating Neptune in April and the Libra Full Moon would be to seek out a helpmate versus a romantic soul mate. Instead of following our sexual attractions that can lead us to bad life choices, why not seek out people who can uplift and inspire us. Search for those you can join forces with and form robust alliances. This way, we can move forward through the Neptunian maze of confusion to our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We will keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, while reaching for the stars. Our dreams come true and provide each other the much needed reality check along our way.

“So, the truth is, there’s not one path. The truth is, there’s not only one right path. The truth is, all paths can be made to be the right path. The truth is, that every individual has a different path. And that different path that every individual is launching incrementally—and amending constantly—that true path is known by Source and is guided by Source if you will pay attention to the way you feel.” —Abraham

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

Happy Full Moon in Libra!

Libra Full Moon Mantra: “I Love and Approve of Myself, I Create Harmony.”

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