It was a pleasant day in the spring of 2003. I was working in my office as usual when something unusual happened. A severe pain in my chest jolted my whole body. In minutes the pain became unbearable and I fell down on the floor. I was breathing with great difficulty. My colleagues came to my rescue. They called an ambulance which took me to the hospital.

“Am I going to die”? A frightened inner voice asked while I was on the way to the hospital. “No, I am not going to die. I want to live for others. I have to do something for other people”. This was the instant reply that came from within me. After this short inner conversation, I lost control over myself and drowned into the deep sea of darkness.

I did not know how long I remain in that gloomy situation. When I woke up from deep sleep, I found myself lying on the hospital bed with lot of monitoring gadgets attached to my body. I was alive! I defeated the death! I survived a massive heart attack. What a miracle! The tears of joy started coming out of my eyes. I got a new life which may perhaps not be due to my strong determination of doing something for other people, but it surely gave me a strong incentive of living for others for all the remaining years of my life.

This is my personal observation that people who are committed to do something for others often live a long life while the people who are selfish and self-centered often die early. There may be some medical or psychological reasons but to me, when there is no purpose of life, there is no reason of living.

It is a fact that throughout our lives we keep on thinking and working for ourselves. We don’t care for others. The life after 60 must be quite different from the life we had been living before. It’s the most valuable phase of life which must be spent more positively with a firm commitment to do something good for mankind. We owe a lot to our community and our country. Therefore, we need to change our thinking and start living for other people. Living a dull, lonely retired life, is not a wise decision.

When you think of doing something for others you invite the positive forces within you to work for your own advantage. By helping the needy people you get that kind of pure inner happiness which is unknown to many people. This true happiness takes away all the stress and negativity from your body thus making you feel much younger, healthier and stronger.

With all your life long knowledge and experience you can make a lot of difference in the lives of other people. You can become a useful member of the society by sharing your skills and expertise with others. You can give a lot to the future generations. There are numerous possibilities as to how you can play a useful role for others as a senior member of your community. Think and act!

Do you want others to pray for your good health and long life? Yes, then do something good for them. Make your life a beacon of light for other people. As long as your health permits, keep on playing a useful role in the society. Don’t think that you are now too old to do anything for others. Say thank you, appreciate others, pass encouraging remarks, smile and say kind words. You may be suffering from some kind of old age related ailments but, in all circumstances, keep your head high and remain cheerful. Live enthusiastically and die peacefully.

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