Whether your divorce is mutually agreed upon or passionately contested, the end of a marriage can be a major upheaval in your life. When you got married, you essentially joined your spouse in every way possible. Your lives co-mingled financially, physically and emotionally, and a divorce means that your lives must now be separated in each of these ways. Divorce is never easy, but you can learn more about what to expect so that you can plan accordingly.

A Lifestyle Adjustment
Your lifestyle will most likely change after divorce, and this is due to a number of factors. For example, you may no longer have a two-income household, so you may not be able to continue on with the lifestyle you were accustomed to. If you stayed at home with the kids, you may have to go back to work. You may now want to spend more evenings and weekends out with your single friends or even dating again. These can all be major adjustments to deal with, so you should have realistic expectations.

Complete Control Over Your Finances
When you were married, you likely made financial decisions together, and you may have even had joint bank and investment accounts. Everything from how much you could spend at the mall to which types of stocks to buy may have been joint decisions. When you are divorced, these decisions fall entirely on your shoulders. While there is power in this, some may find it stressful to carry the weight of important decisions entirely on their own.

Adjustments to Your Family Life
Whether you have children or not, your family life will certainly change. If you have no children, you may find that coming home at the end of a long day at work can be lonely at times. If you do have children, you may have to share custody. This will give you less time to spend with your kids, but you may find that you try to plan more quality time with them.

Different Holiday Experiences
Holidays are also a different experience when you are divorced. You may need to split holidays with the kids, so you may have some holidays when you are completely alone. You no longer have to share your holiday time between your parents and our ex's parents, so you may be able to travel to your own family's homes more on the holidays.

A divorce handled by Hofheimer Family Law can truly change basically every aspect of your life. Because of this, it’s important to be prepared for the change. By being open and flexible, you may find that it is easier to cope with as there are always many emotions and parties involved.

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