Had you heard a song and you felt like it was speaking directly to you? 

The Truth is, it was!

In our hectic lives we think  that all what we see or experience are true reality, but it is only illusion of who we can become. 

We send million of thoughts with questions and prayers  to ether and we are not aware that they are always answered. 

Sometimes we noticed that we received what we had asked for, but then we called it as a coincidence.
We really want to believe that life is for us. We even start smiling to ourselves when we receive what we want, but after a while our minds denies and says it is impossible that I can have what I want.

The fact is that there are no coincidences in our lives. Even now when you read these words, believe me you were asking for them.

Most of the time we are not aware of what we have asked for, but suddenly we can see the outcome, such as we meet a person, we find a thing, the article what we need to achieve our goals or solve problems in our lives. Our needs are always met and we cannot notice that.

Life is connection, connection with people, connection with nature but the most important connection with our own Being, our pure Essence of Love which WE All ARE.
There is no stronger power than LOVE. All the darkness and unclarity can be banished by focusing on LOVE.

What is LOVE?

Love is what we are passion about. 
Love is what we are eager to do.
Love is what makes us happy.
Love is being joyous all the time.
Love is being healthy.
Love is what give us opportunity to grow.
Love is kindness to ourselves and others.
Love is compassion for ourselves and the whole world.
Love is connection with Life, because LIFE is GOD.

When I say Life ALWAYS SPEAKS TO YOU, it means that GOD SPEAKS TO YOU. He wants you to recognize Him in everything what you think, what you hear, what you speak and what you do. He was never separated from YOU and YOU from HIM. HE LOVES YOU. He breaths through YOU in every moment of your existence. 
That's why it is so important to understand first, that WE NEVER WERE SEPARATED FROM OUR CREATOR.

It is impossible, because all what YOU see is His creation including YOU and YOUR body. What God creates is perfect so YOU must be perfect even at this moment.
All the time He guides YOU through your thoughts (ideas), your work and through situations called circumstances. YOU are always protected and never left alone. 

But... we have some kind of traits (thought patterns) which we call:

I am not good enough, 
Nobody loves me, 
Life is so hard for me,
I am lonely,
I have to do all by myself,
I am never left alone when I needed, 
Nobody understands me,
I have no time to do what I want to do, 
I am to busy to do what I love,
I am unworthy of good in my life,
Everyone judge me and criticize me,
I don't need anybody because nobody loves me, 
I cannot have what I want,
I have no enough money to do what I want, 
I am alone, etc.

The kind of list can be so long and never ends.

Have you find something familiar in your thought patterns from the above list?

If yes, so don't be surprised that you cannot feel true LOVE and experience God within YOU.

Yes, God is within YOU and He always protects YOU. He wants for YOU the best. He wants YOU to be happy, but do YOU really let yourself be happy?

When you look at your life, do you see yourself as powerful person?
The person who can make changes in her/his own life and the lives of others for the better?
Can you see it? Can you imagine it? 
Or you prefer pretend that you are a victim of life and you cannot do anything with your current circumstances?
Are you so attached to what you have right now and to opinions of others how your life supposed to look like, that you feel lost and confused many times? 
Does your body is healthy? 
Do your relationships are healthy? Filled with love, joy and mutual respect?
Are you able to express yourself fully in your whole potential?  Or do you hide yourself and live double life?
How do you feel about it? Do you feel guilt because of that? Do you criticize yourself or you justify that it has to be that way, because there is no other way?

Life communicates with you with the ways I mentioned in the first paragraph, but also through above circumstances such as feeling overwhelmed, having unhealthy body and disrespectful relationships, lack of money, lack of time, lack of purpose in your life.

There is no true joy in it, am I right? 


We tried many times to change ourselves by compromising our good to let others feel better, we tried being quiet not to provoke another quarrel, we tried to make changes in our behavior to please others.
Has it helped? If it has helped, for sure  it was only for a very short time. If it hasn't, so why do we still do that to ourselves all the time? 
God really doesn't want us lose ourselves in others, He doesn't judge us, because He knows that we are perfect and we do the best with our knowledge that we have.
So why He is knocking to our lives this way instead of "saving" us?
Most of us are so lost in this world and don't see anything else beyond. We make choices based on fear to survive. Our minds are closed and we are not able to respond to His calling:
"Stop, I am right here! Where are you going, what are you chasing for and never feel satisfied?", "Stop I am right here! I am waiting for you to remind you that I created YOU for My purpose not for YOUR own."

Most our adult lives we run as we were by ourselves, without no connection to our Higher Realm, which would give us higher potential in our lives than we could imagine.That's why we feel lonely, unprotected, unhealthy and never satisfied with what we do and what we have.

That's why God is knocking on our hearts and say YOU ARE ONLY MY AND NOBODY ELSE.
You do not belong to your parents and their way of being and thinking. They only duplicated their own parents behaviors toward them. I gave you these parents only for a short lesson. I created them for you to show you that what they taught you as a child was nothing real who You really Are. They were my tools to lose YOU in unreal world, but now it is high time to brought you back to Me. I am your Real Parent and Parent of your parents and their parents. YOU ALL BELONG TO ME.

I gave you gifts which I wish to be manifested in this world. I want YOU to stop and listen to MY calling. Your memory is in your heart. Open your heart for Me and I will show you what I really have planned for YOU.
Our all negative thinking about ourselves and understanding about Life was imprinted when we were  small children, between ages of 3 and 5. That's why we have lost ourselves in this world and we don't really do what we want. We only compromise and sacrifice our good for others, and we live in the surviving mode instead of reaching out for our full potential.

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. Our dreams can be still fulfilled, only when we let ourselves to be guided by God and looking for His presence in us and our lives.

Let's start being grateful for current circumstances, because thanks to them we can start our lives anew by letting God to guide us to our change. When we focus our minds on gratitude then we become more receptive to the signs. We become more stronger in our decisions, we become more awoken and aware. Our minds start being more receptive to our true calling. Intuitive guidance start awakening in us again. We were guided this way when we were small children by God.
When we really start trusting life again, we will feel safe in this world. Only then we can start seeing and living LOVE.

Author's Bio: 

My awakening to my Greatness started 10 years ago. I had received books from Life, which have helped me to change my whole point of view about life and myself. I started trusting life again and be more aware of my thoughts and actions. 3 years ago coming from Poland to the United States it was a great courage and trial for me to trust life that all my needs would be met, I was always protected and was on my path to fulfillment. Also it was process of learning. Everything was a new. New people, new places and experiences which gave me possibility to write my first book "Life Speaks To You". I was blessed that my mind had become open to look for Truth and I have found. Being on the path of Truth, I received tools which helped me to discover who we really are and what is the purpose of our existence on this planet Earth. LIFE is nothing else but GOD. GOD is LOVE. LOVE is SPIRIT. SPIRIT is IMMORTAL LIFE. IMMORTAL LIFE is LIGHT. We all are SPARKS of LIGHT.