Stress in our lives has a big impact on our physical and emotional health. Some of its examples are divorce, chronic illness or injury, high-risk jobs, depression, anxiety, etc. In all these situations, our loved ones have to suffer a lot as we can't give full attention on them. According to a survey of 1,800 workers, almost half people bring stress inside their home, and because of this, their family relationships have to suffer. In today's fast-paced life, it becomes very difficult to strike a balance between work-life and family-life. This brings up work related stress. At our workplace, we have to put lots of efforts into work. At times, it becomes very tough to switch off at the end of the day. In this matter, the electronic age won't help.

Some can even boldly claim that the office is their second home. Do you know anyone like that?

It can be quite stressful to work forty hours weekly, especially when your workplace is full of pressure. But also bear in mind that a small amount of pressure can facilitate good performance, though.

However, if constant pressure leaves you feeling depressed, frustrated, moody, helpless, and completely tired, you may already be suffering from work stress. For one who wishes to recover from stress, here are some very simple but practical strategies that can help you to achieve work stress relief and make a living each day a joy.

- When you are up against a stressful situation, inhale and exhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Is your boss calling you again to review a pile of papers? Before you even get into his office, make a response, and make the papers fly, take a series of slow, deep breaths.

- If you're busting your tail in the office all the time because of the excessive workload given to you by your boss, politely say "no" to more requests. Have you already tried saying "No. I can't do all these right now."? Your employer may not know that they may be causing you too much stress already. Simply saying how you feel can give you work stress relief.

- If you're on the verge of burnout, get out and get a short break. Go to the veranda, drink water, and treat yourself with a good snack. You owe it to yourself to get work stress relief if you think you've reached your limit.

- Your co-workers can be one of two things: the stressor, or the reliever. Whenever you feel like you're on a merry-go-round that is spinning out of control, go to a friend who will sit by you and listen. Studies have shown that job satisfaction increases by approximately 50 percent when you have a close friend at work.

- If the demands of your job have already made a significant impact on your physical, mental, or emotional health, the above-mentioned tips can help you achieve work stress relief. And even though your primary goal is to do a great job at work, always remember that there are strategies that you can employ to make life easier and better and eliminate work related stress.

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