This article is about releasing and forgiving. If someone has hurt or upset you, take time to reflect on what might have happened in their life to change them. Things are not always as they seem.
Occasionally we are broken so we can be mended the right way. Feeling our own heartbreak allows us to sympathize with others.
When we are born, our innocence and wonder exudes from us. There are no doubts, no fears, and life is full of wonder.
Time starts to change us when we go to school and meet other children and we find out how they live. This is when we decide in our minds what “normal” is. As we continue through grade school, middle school, junior high, high school and then college, our world has changed a lot. We are no longer that innocent child running through fields and playing on the swings, by the time we reach adulthood.
As we grow older, we are either working or in school, maybe started a family, or are dating. These other influences have helped mold the situations we encounter. Some of those will be mundane while others might be life altering.
Life might have been easy for some, and difficult for others. No one wakes up from being a child and says, “Hey, I’m going to be addicted to drugs, become an alcoholic, a hoarder, etc. Life has changed that person. You have to ask yourself, “at what point did their life change?” Just realize that their life might have had different circumstances in it than yours. This is not about them, this is about you. This is about releasing and forgiving.
Acknowledging this simple, yet powerful statement will help you release and forgive. The sole purpose of this is to understand that everyone was once a carefree child; full of love and innocence.
We were not born with the intent to hurt others or cause pain. When we were babies we only knew wonder and laughter. Life can change a person.
It does not make it right; nor wrong. This is about the decisions that they made in their own life, and has nothing to do with you. You were the outcome of those decisions. It is a part of acceptance. This is so powerful! “We were not born with the intent to hurt others or cause pain. When we were babies we only knew wonder and laughter. Life can change a person.” Say this statement over and over until you understand the meaning of it. Again, this is not about you. Release everything that is associated with it, hurt, fear, pain, etc. You do not own it, so release it.
This is my prayer at night that helps me. “I release from me, all the things which do not bring me love and kindness. With each breath I will always try to give to others. The only things I need to survive is; food, water, clothes, shelter, and love.
When I say these things I am brought back to an innocent child whose only desire is to live, and love. In the circle of life, you always have to give back in some form or another, either to people or to the universe. By acknowledging what I need to survive I am in constantly reminded, and am grateful for my abundance.

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