Life expectations, final lesson
We can only get out of life what we put in. A friend told me a story that I like to share. In this small town, a preacher lived on one end of town and the town drunk lived on the other end of town. One day the town-drunk approached Reverend Right’s home; the man name was L.C., which stands for Last Chance. L.C. knocked on Reverend Right’s door. Reverend opened the door and asked, “L.C. what can I do for you? Have you decided to give your life to God?” “No, ‘Rev, I need to borrow five dollars until Friday.” The preacher thought about it for a minute and decided to try an experiment. He invited L.C. in and pointed toward the fireplace. “Look over the fireplace mantel and bring me that jar.” Well, the old drunk brought the preacher the jar. “Look inside and get only the five dollars that you need.” L.C. looked inside and obtained the five dollars. Mr. Right stared him dead in the face and said, “You make sure you pay back my money!”” L.C. replied, “Don’t worry, I will!”
Friday morning, sure enough, the town drunk brought the five dollars back to the preacher. L.C. knocked on the door and Reverend Right opened the door. “Here’s your money Rev.” Reverend Right replied, “Take the five dollars and put it back in the jar.” He did exactly what the preacher said.
Two weeks later the drunk came by again to borrow another five dollars. The preacher went through the same ritual. He said, “Look above the fireplace and bring me the jar.” Just like before, the drunk brought the jar to the preacher. Reverend Right stared him in the face again and repeated. “You make sure you pay back my money.” L.C. said, “You know I always pay you back.”
Months went by and old drunk L.C. did not return with the preacher’s money. After six months, he finally showed up to the preacher’s house. He knocked on the door and begged Reverend Right to loan him five dollars. Reverend Right said, “Go and look above the fireplace and bring me the jar.” L.C., the town drunk, got the jar and gave it to the preacher. “Opened it!” L.C. opened it and yelled, “Rev., there is no money in here!” L. C. was angry and frustrated. After he calmed down the reverend said, “Oh, I thought you knew.” “Know what, Rev?” Rev. responded, “You have to put something in, in order to get something out.”
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Robert was born in Sicily Island,Louisiana and lived most of his teenaged life in Ferriday,Louisiana.
Even at the tender age of 10, Robert Comradd.....
After viewing Martin Luther King's funeral broadcast on television, Robert knew right then that he wanted to make a difference. He and his sister integrated the lower elementary school in Ferriday, Louisiana.
Robert's mother was active in the civil right's movement and encouraged him to do the same.
Eventually, Robert joined the military and even fought in the Gulf war. After leaving the military, Robert found it hard to find a civilian job even with all of his experience. It was then that Robert decided to define his own destiny. Robert earned a degree in electronics and landed a job working as a maintenance man at a department store, Robert later was introduce to Toastmasters. This is when Robert knew his true calling. It was to encourage and motivate others to strive for success and never give up. Remember,you don't need everybody to be successful; all you need is enough. This is Robert Comradd saying, Make it Happen!! Invite me to your next event to hear the whole story and find out how you can succeed at any age.