Denver is an ideal city to live in. ideal economy, good people, good climate, favorable attraction factors, good job opportunities, and a healthy and colorful nightlife, mountain range for the hikers. Thus all these places make Denver an ideal place to live in. this articles tells about the life in Denver, with respect to several factors.

Denver is located on the convergence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek in the north central part of the state. The city is at a height of 1 mile above the sea level. Therefore this city was given the name a mile high city and also known by this name by several people. On the other hand the mountains or Rockies rise up to 14,000 feet at least; these are present on the west side, while Denver itself sprawls over a prairie. As far as the climate is concerned the city has 250 sunny days and the people get to see all the four climates. However a dry mild climate prevails throughout the year. The population of the city has been on the rise ever since it came in to being. It has more than 600,000 people living in it at the moment in the city limit and 2.5 million in the metro area. It has the nation’s most educated workforce and the number of university graduates is the second highest in the nation. At start the people who came were only experts in mining however now as the economy is diverse so people belonging to all the sectors of the economy are now available in the city.

Economy of Denver now also depends upon aerospace along with telecommunications as well as biomedical, financial services, computer software, and many other high tech sectors. There are many private companies and sectors that do these jobs and offer jobs to people and boost the economy of the city. Some of these companies are well renowned and international companies of the world. In addition to them there are several government companies too managing these affairs. Together these companies have helped in its economic growth since the first time it was built.

Denver has a variety of mixed cultural attractions, which includes Denver Art Museum with its anthology that includes pre-Columbian along with American Indian Art, and Spanish art. In addition to that, it has the Aquarium, and the largest zoo. Then there is museum of natural history. There is other cultural building too like Colorado State Historical Museum the Buffalo Bill Museum, the Oprah etc. all these building and institutes and museum reflect the culture of the city. Moreover these facilities help in understanding the culture of the city and allow one to adjust him according to the culture. Then the Rocky Mountains offer a best site for leisure to those people who want to hike, however concerts are also held there hence it is another use of those Rocky Mountains, then there are many sports stadium in the city that a person can visit to refresh him and see the game that he likes the most. Along with that many shows are also held in the city like cars shows, livestock show etc. all these contribute to the leisure that the city provide to one living in it.

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