With 2011 drawing to a close, it’s an ideal time to review your insurance strategy with your Life Insurance Broker. The goal should be to ensure that your coverage is keeping pace with changes in your life and that you are aware of all your life insurance options.

People get jobs and lose jobs, the stock market goes up and down, unexpected events, and these are just the basics of life. Look at what has happened in your life recently. Some developments that may warrant a visit to your Life Insurance Broker and changes in what you’re paying for insurance can include: marriage or divorce, the birth of children, children growing into adulthood, a death in the family, a new job, a higher salary, an inheritance, or a change in your wealth or debt levels.

Taking the time to review your life insurance options and what you’re paying for life insurance with your Life Insurance Broker also gives you the opportunity to review where your finances have taken you this year. To see whether your portfolio is still in alignment with your goals and consistent with where your life has taken you. It’s not only a chance to review your investments but also review all aspects of your financial life.

Make sure you have enough life insurance because inadequate insurance can lead to financial difficulties or less support for your family in an emergency. Sufficient life insurance coverage will allow you and your family to weather events that could otherwise lead to financial problems. Having life insurance is good but having sufficient life insurance coverage is key.

Do you need less life insurance coverage? There are lots of life insurance options and there’s no point in paying for life insurance that you no longer require. Instead, your Life Insurance Broker can suggest you consider diverting the money you’ll save on premiums into savings and investments.

Have you considered more than just life insurance coverage? An annual review of your life insurance coverage with your Life Insurance Broker of what you’re paying for life insurance and what you’re life insurance options are is the best way to assess whether your coverage is adequate. It’s also a great way to ensure that you’re making the best use of all the insurance products you need to guard your financial security and that of your family. While life insurance is central to coverage, your Life Insurance Broker should explore possibly unanticipated needs such as long-term care coverage, critical illness insurance, and disability insurance. Together, you can review your life insurance coverage and other life insurance options to ensure you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re well covered for 2012.

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Gary Mandel is the President of Independent Financial Concepts Group (IFCG). IFCG provides low rate life, disability and criticall illness insurance that provides the maximum benefit. IFCG quotes from the top rated insurers. For more information please visit www.wecoveryou.ca or call 416-849-1653.