I often wonder what sentence or phrase would best describe life. This to me sums it up; life is like a stairway. Only YOU can determine where your stairway will lead. Some days you can climb to the top, some days you can only climb a couple of stairs, while other days you don’t climb any at all. Each stair represents family, friends, career and situations. Each stair also represents beautiful places that you visited. Each stair is about the sharing and gratitude that go along with life. It’s about the rainbows in life; the smiles, the laughter and the tears. Each and every stair that you climb is your soul learning more and more about you and the universe. Each stair is about your life’s journey and what you make of it.

Have you ever stumbled walking up the stairs? That is what I call life’s little setbacks, you don’t necessarily fall down the stairs but you are set back for a moment. That is how I can best describe our misfortunes; they are there only momentarily. We proceed with caution so we don’t stumble again. Soon, our sure-footedness is regained and we resume our previous speed.

When we are at the bottom of the stairs and we look up it seems like a long way to the top, in reality it is in our grasp. We have to have the ambition to do the work to make it to the top! Sometimes we might need the encouragement of others to help us carry on. We also rejoice in our accomplishments along the way!

Why are we not running to the top of the stairs with all our vigor? Some of us are. Some people learned the skills needed to complete their journey rather quickly. Anyone can get to the top! We all have what it takes inside us to make it to the top. If you’ve fallen before, you are just taking your time and rebuilding your self-confidence to where it was before you fell. You are learning to stand up.

That very first step can be so intimidating to some. Some handle it with ease while others become paralyzed by their own fears. When you lift up your foot you have to maintain your balance or you might become wobbly. If you do become wobbly you have to take a deep breath and maintain your composure, and then refocus your attention back to getting up that very first step. Once this has been accomplished you can climb the rest of the stairs with certain ease.

Each step can be compared with age and maturity level. When we get older or endure certain struggles, we don’t sweat the small things in life anymore, we have mastered them. We have learned to cherish each and every moment as we climb our stairs. As you are climbing your stairs of life, do not let your heart become hardened by each and every set back. Acknowledge that you can and will overcome each and every hardship that the stairway of life might throw your way. Life is a blessing and should be appreciated every moment of your climb.

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