Life is a work in progress
that never is complete.
We learn a different lesson
from each experience we meet.

We learn the joy of living-
of what a heart is for.
We learn that through our struggles
we are stronger than before.

We learn the thrill of victory-
the pain of a defeat.
We learn to win the battle
we must first learn to compete.

We learn from our reactions
to the things we can’t control-
there are times we should hang in there
and times we should let go.

And if we keep on learning-
if the truth we try to find-
The wisdom of the ages teaches-
keep an open mind.

These lessons that we gather
as we travel on our way-
help complete our work in progress-
a fulfilled life someday.

-Tom Krause
Copyright 2000

Author's Bio: 

Tom Krause - Author/Poet/Inspirational Motivational Speaker
20-time Contributing Author Chicken Soup for Soul book series
Parenting 2.0 Global Presence Ambassador
Teacher Missouri Public Schools 31 years (retired)
International/National Motivational Speaker -
417-830-9240 - Nixa, MO
"Inspiring Confidence, Hope & Worth in Every Child"