Each morning when you get out of bed and face the new day you immediately have an important choice to make: What will be your attitude during this day – the current day of your life? Will you face this day optimistically (in a positive way) or pessimistically (negatively)?

In short, be sure to pause long enough to look around you and then do your best to consciously decide to choose an attitude that is positive. Regardless of what happened to you yesterday or last week …your choice about your attitude for this day, that is, for this one day, is purely and simply all yours.

Let me suggest one way you can make your attitude this day be the most positive you can make it. Simply decide, immediately, right now, to make this day a “laughing day.” In other words, find or invent ways to keep a smile on your face, and the faces of you family and all others as you meet them all day long.

Encourage others with your constantly bright and breezy chatter. Ask them all kinds of questions to let them know you think they are interesting and an important part of your day. Listen to what they have to say to you as you look, with rapt attention, straight in their eyes.

Also, please keep in mind, today, that I have an attitude of helpfulness, and I want to help you meet your needs for the personal comfort products we make available to you on our website:

Optimistically yours,
Terry Weber

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More About The Author, Terrance L. Weber
Now living in Cream Ridge, New Jersey (after Hurricane Sandy ruined their waterfront home in October, 2012), with his wife Doris. Terry is the author of eight eBooks. He is an award winning sales letter copywriter (DMAA, awards) and a Diamond Status (the best)writer and one of the top 20 writers (out of 400,000 world-wide writers) with EzinesArticles.com. He ran his own business for many years where he invented several office aids such as the Weber Denture Liners, Weber Wrist Wraps and several other inventions. He paints nautical scenes in oils and acrylics. He also carves and sculptures shorebirds. For about ten years Terry and Doris were active as volunteers with Habitat For Humanity as RV-Care-A-Vanners. They drove from build to build all over the USA in their 31’ RV for 2 week long volunteer builds where, as leaders of groups they helped to build about 31 houses for needy families. This is a hand-up not a handout program. New homeowners are taught by the Care-A-Vanners the basics of home maintenance. All of these new homeowners and their children are very grateful to finally have a home that they can call their own. Terry's books are readily available on both Smashwords.com and
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