Life is inside you but you spend so much time looking outside yourself, you don’t even know it exists. It is an unshakable feeling of peace and well-being; an unshakable feeling of calm. No matter what is going on you will never lose yourself when you are connected to Life. The Life inside you is who you truly are. It is the foundation for all abundance. It is where your dreams and desires are born. It is where you will find true unconditional love not only for yourself but for everyone around you.

When you live your life from the outside you will know something is missing. You will feel the void and you will try to fill it with things you believe will make you joyful and happy, and they may, for a short period of time. But there will come a time when that hole you are continually trying to fill will no longer hold the things you are trying to put into it. It will eventually become bottomless and no matter how hard you try to fill it, it will only end up sucking you into it until you are so far down you cannot see the light of day. This is when, if you don’t get out, you could very easily turn to other means and ways of trying to feel good only to be led down a path of destruction. It is a vicious cycle of unhappiness, sorrow, pain and depression.

When you live your life from within, where LIFE exists; when you come to the realization that LIFE IS INSIDE YOU, there will never be anything missing. There will no longer be a void and there will no longer be any holes to fill. The feelings of unhappiness, sorrow, pain and depression will slowly begin to fade as they are replaced with genuine feelings of joy, happiness, appreciation, abundance, and love. Life will take a turn. It may be a dramatic turn or it may be a gradual turn, but none the less it will be a turn that points you in the direction you have always wanted to go.

Living life from the inside means living in the moment. It means putting the past to rest and never worrying about the future. It means creating every day how you want it to be just by living, breathing and being the present moment. There is no pain or suffering because Life knows nothing but joy and love. One of the easiest ways to connect to Life, is to just let go of everything that ails you. Turn your life over to LIFE (Universe, God, Source, Self, etc.) and relax in the KNOWING that LIFE will never work against you if you just give it a chance!

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I am a Personal Development Life Coach. My knowledge and expertise comes from 25 years of study and experience. I have helped others through life’s most challenging obstacles such as fear, depression, addictions, and relationship transitions. Through my own life changing experiences and education, I am able to see what others sometimes can’t, bringing to light what holds them back from living the life they want to live. Please feel free to visit me at for more information.