All events, all experiences have their purpose of creating an opportunity. Events and experiences are opportunities, things that happen. It is what we think of them, do about them, respond to them that gives meaning. These opportunities drawn to you may be created by you individually or collectively through consciousness.

Consciousness creates experiencing. In your attempt to raise consciousness, you have drawn these opportunities to you in order that you may use them as tools in creating and experiencing who you are.

Others join you from time to time either as brief encounters, peripheral participants, temporary teammates, long term interactors, relatives, family, dearly loved ones or life path partners.

They are drawn to you, you are drawn to them by them. It is a mutually creative experience, expressing the choice and desire of both. None comes to you by accident, there is no such thing as coincidence, nothing occurs at random. Life is not a product of chance.

Wise is the one who understands this. Clever is the one who uses it. This is Ancient Wisdom.

Author's Bio: 

Neil David Chan writes on New Spirituality and is a specialist in the Body-Mind -Soul aspects. His upcoming book - A Higher Conversation- Another Way to Be Human allows you to see life differently and gives you an opportunity to change yourself and change the world we live in. By merely understanding life in its simplicity he takes you into a higher world. Follow him on Instagram #neildavidchan