One of my favorite things to do is to browse through local thrift stores looking for curiosities. It is such a joy to find something precious and special that I can bring back to life, make useful again and enjoy.

Having recently moved, you can imagine that I have been thoroughly enjoying this activity, seeking out great things to decorate my new home. Today, I came across a white cloth. I wasn't quite sure if it was a table cloth or a sheet for a bed, so I asked the lady standing next to me what she thought it was. She replied, "It is what you make of it, just like life."

She went on to explain how she had raised three kids on her own and had become very creative in the process. Often she bought clothes for the kids that had a stain which she hid by sewing on a little decorative bunny or bumble bee. Her kids loved those pieces of clothing the most. I ended up not buying the cloth, but I left the store feeling richer for the heartfelt connection with this resourceful lady. Her words of wisdom resonated deeply with me.

Set aside some quality time to reflect on your own life.

* What have you created throughout this year?
* What were your wins?
* What have you learned?

Write down your thoughts.

Looking ahead, what do you want to create in the your future?

* What do you need to let go of to stride forward?
* What do you want to take with you as you stride forward?
* How will it serve you in 2010?

Write down your thoughts.

Put your notes in a special place where you can revisit them from time to time to help you reconnect with the power of your creativity and resourcefulness.

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Julia James, CPCC, PCC, M.Sc. is a multi-lingual certified life coach, award-winning author and International speaker. She helps busy professionals around the world achieve balance in their lives through individual coaching and workshops. Author of the book, The Mini-Retreat Solution and the audio CD series, Guided Mini-Retreats for Busy People, she provides tools to manage stress effectively and to relax and re-energize quickly. Julia has been featured on Joy TV, CBC News, as well as in The Globe & Mail, Glow Magazine, BC Business Magazine and The Vancouver Observer. For more information visit: