Grace is a wise and loving 12-year-old Finnish Lapphund who brings joy and love to every one she meets. With one look into your eyes, you quickly realize you are the most special person on the planet. It is true, Everybody Loves Grace because she has a way of connecting with every one she meets by looking deeply into their eyes and into their heart. Her gift of presence is felt by all.

Grace wants to share with you her top ten life lessons:

1. Every day is an adventure
2. A simple smile can make someone’s day
3. Meet people right where they are
4. Just be with people; don’t try to change them
5. I can listen, even if my ears hurt
6. People are willing to support me; it’s up to me to say “yes” and receive
7. Being outside is one of life’s simple pleasures
8. It’s okay to go in the direction I choose
9. Sometimes saying “no” is the greatest gift I can give
10. Road trips are the best!

Author's Bio: 

Author and leadership consultant Katy McQuaid spent more than three decades in the CIA, including 12 years living abroad. Her work in communities all over the world and the endearing, unconditional love of her four-legged muse Grace inspired her to write the “Everybody Loves Grace” series of illustrated books, which has been honored with a Nautilus Silver Award for Children's Literature: Fiction. Parents, kids of all ages, executives, and organizational leaders hail the series as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone navigating change or challenging circumstances. Learn more at