Running a small business on the internet can benefit you in ways that don't involve income or financial independence! Right from the start as an entrepreneur you MUST be willing to work and of course this means taking action on any ideas to make things happen! The journey people typically experience when working for themselves offers much more than simply independence or financial rewards! In addition to building a source of income, entrepreneurs also generally benefit from personal development or growth as well!

Let's examine 7 ways entrepreneurs can expect to grow on a personal level when taking action on any business dreams or ideas they have!


Guess what, if you haven't experienced overnight riches working online as of yet it's most likely because it isn't gonna happen! Building a business, no matter what platform you use, takes time and patience so if you aren't willing to work and patiently invest the time, internet marketing is NOT for you!

Work Ethics

The internet offers people an inexpensive way to go into business for themselves but here again if you're not willing to work you're wasting (your) time! Many people long for the chance to be their own boss but these same people must also realize they are responsible for taking action to get things done! Far too many lack the proper motivation to be successful on their own but for those who try comes the benefit of further developing a strong work ethic that will serve them well throughout their life!

Assuming Responsibility

Immediately above we spoke of becoming your own boss and with that comes all the responsibilities! The plain and simple fact here is being the boss means everything starts and ends with your involvement in some form or fashion! Naturally everybody wants to be in a position of authority but what if it was called the position of responsibility instead? That doesn't some as attractive and actually can even sound downright dreadful to some people who are looking to do less not more! The point is if you are not willing to work, don't even consider the notion of going into business for yourself! It's not for you, trust me!

Problem Solving

Planning is a very big part of and key component to any successful business venture but plan as you might, the unexpected can always occur! When this happens you need to address any issues that may alter your plan or perhaps even consider working around difficulties if and when possible! Whether it's the competition you face, the regulations you work under or even industry changes you will never be long without some new problem(s) to solve! After a while managing set-backs or handling difficult/unexpected issues will come almost second nature to you while also increasing your level of confidence!


Guess what? Since you call the shots as the 'boss' guess that means you can take time off whenever you please! Well, not really 'cause' remember our discussion earlier about it's up to YOU to get the job done? Well what that means is you got a choice, you can go slack off whenever you please or you can accept your responsibilities and get the job done! By slacking off the good news is nobody can give you grief, but on the other hand by not taking action on certain responsibilities you lose money! Ouch! Discipline is something you'll need just about every day, especially if you don't have a boss because without either how much do you expect to accomplish?

Time Management

Assuming you're 'quasi' normal, compared to humanity as a whole, you only have a set number of hours in each day! Running a small business takes quite a bit of each day, so how do you 'create the time' to spend with family, friends and/or all the above? Learning how to commit/balance/manage time is a key essential for any and every small business owner and this talent/skill will always pay dividends!


With all the challenges you've encountered and your ability to overcome them, you have gained a deeper understanding of your own resilience! Along the way you may of picked up the 'nasty habit' of taking action on many ideas that tend to leave their own stories to tell, but you're better for it! The fact is you can't grow as a person unless you first expand your comfort zone, and being a small business owner will certainly do just that!

Running a small business on the internet can be very exciting as well as financially rewarding however you must to be willing to work to make this happen! Hell by simply taking action you've already set yourself up to benefit personally by strengthening and/or developing key attributes as discussed above! The point being made here today is your professional success can NOT come without personal growth and the attributes you develop or strengthen will serve you well in EVERY aspect of your life! So remember you are not only taking action for financial gain but your own personal development as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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