A floral designer is able to work in just about every store that has a floral department, whether large or small. They work with customers in a number of capacities including on-spot consultations, purchase of Bridal Flowers in NJ and other locations, scheduling services for a special event and so forth. Those people with a keen eye for design will love this line of work but just like everything else, there are positive and negative sides.


No advanced degrees necessary

Having little or no experience in the field is not a real deterrent as it relates to getting a job. Many people manage to start out on a high school diploma – but it can be said that a little experience and further training can go a long way but it’s not a mandatory feature.

Becoming certified

Floral designing consists of a lot more than simply delivering Bridal Flowers NJ and knowing how to combine colors. In fact, there are several schools that have begun offering courses on the way to becoming a certified floral designer. This makes it possible to learn all the basics that are related to the field, and this certification can also prove to be handy when changing jobs or seeking employment.

Several creativity outlets

Artistic people in general and those people who like to work with their hands especially, will find floral designing quite satisfying. This is because they get the chance to explore different realms of creativity and apply them to their work on a daily basis. This would manifest itself in the form of suggesting great color combinations for customers and providing helpful tips about flower care at home.


Very stressful at times

The job of a floral designer is most hectic during peak holiday seasons that include Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day just to name a few. In addition, they are also expected to handle last minute orders for funerals, birthdays and other occasions. Christmas flower arrangements are also another thing that’s quite popular in the winter, and these designers are expected to always deliver. This means longer hours and less sleep – not to mention having to redo a project if the client is not pleased for some reason.

Limited advancement

Despite the amount of experience or training that you may have, there are very limited opportunities in the field of floral designing. It is possible to move up to being to manage status for a floral boutique or you even open your own store. However, even with those things considered, there are no real levels of design in the field that would accommodate further advancement of education or increase the base salary.

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