Civil Services provide a large number of jobs, but the most coveted of all is the post of an IAS officer. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is highly in demand by the youth, due to the respect and stature it offers to the candidate. You are put to another level and you get the golden opportunity to make changes in the society. You encounter the major grievances of the common public and redress them with viable solutions. You become a member of the esteemed administrative block of the government of India. All these achievements can be received with hard work and dedication. All you need to do is prepare well for the IAS exams that are a pre-requisite and earn your seat. However, it is essential to bear in mind that they are very challenging. Your possibility to earn high scores out of the strength of lakhs who appear in the exam is very low; but it is not impossible. If you prepare hard and answer the question paper correctly, you can do well become a part of civil services of India.
IAS officers have to deal with managing the bureaucracy. They are trained to deal with problems physically and mentally. The life of an IAS officer is filled with respect and power. You become and insider and a major part of the government of India. Apart from the handsome pay that you receive, you also get facilities like transportation and housing etc. If all this is not enough, you get the power to make a change in the society you live in. You become an active member of the social group which deals with redressing problems of the common public, looking into social issues, attending major political functions and what not! You become a public figure and would not have to live the normal life earning a decent salary and working 9-7 pm. You live a life which makes you an active participant in the current political, social and economic scenario of the country and work for the betterment of the society.
However, all these benefits cannot be achieved easily. You have to work hard and give your best shot. The IAS exams are conducted for almost an year, which means you need to give an year for their preparation and another for appearing in the exams. The question paper is set up by a team of highly qualified members which set a high standard of question paper for recruiting the best out of the lot.
It often takes many attempts to clear the IAS exam, however if you try hard you can earn high scores in the IAS question papers. Also, once you become a part of the civil services, all your hard work and dedication seem worth it.

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