Life on the Canals of France

Cruising the Canals of France by Barge

Bill and Nancy were a Maryland couple who decided to hang up their conventional lifestyle and try something new. Their first adventure was moving aboard a sailboat and traveling for two years from the Chesapeake Bay to Venezuela. Later on Bill decided to “retire” a second time and got the idea to buy a barge in France and spend two years traveling Europe via canals. The canals in Europe cover many different countries and allow you to see castles and other sights not usually visible by road. Those two years turned into more than ten years, and this couple was featured in a New York Times article about their chosen lifestyle.
The world is not what you think it is. And you will only understand it fully when you get out there and discover it. You don’t have to explore the world by barge but it can be a wonderful experience. It is almost like traveling in an RV on the water. You can learn more about the barging life on Europe’s canals at Bill & Nancy’s blog and at their website.
I hope that their experiences inspire you to follow your own dreams.

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