Life is a choice! Every single day, from one breath to the next, we are given the opportunity to direct our experience down any path we choose. The sad news is, so many of us have come to believe that our life just is a certain way - and that we’re caught in it! I’m a big believer in discovering how to live the life you desire, and not the one you think you’re stuck with.

We already know that so much of what we’ve invested ourselves in over the last 30 years is not working for us. That’s not good/bad, right or wrong - it’s just a simple fact. We live in a time when we are seeking massive transformation from the same used processes and practices that, for decades, have given us incremental change. It has become very clear to me: we will not find what we’re looking for by walking down familiar paths. We already know where those lead and it’s not where we want to go.

In a world that is desperate for radical change, we need a radically new approach. With global warming as a metaphor for the degree to which things are ‘heating up’ on the planet - in more ways than one! - we are finally awake to the immediate need to take action; but not just any action - the kind of action that will allow us to transform how we move through the world, that we might not just re-create our problems somewhere else, in some other way.

Many, today, are speaking of this notion of an ‘emerging species’ and yet, much of that conversation continues to evolve around who we are and how we move through the world. In terms of Logical Levels of Thinking - in my world - that’s not a high enough order of thought to make transformation a possibility. In my world, we need to redefine what we are as human beings and what then becomes possible as a result of that redefinition.

We are indeed, an emerging species and I believe that emerging species to be the awakening of the Quantum Biological Human™. This model of the world does not come from tweaking what we already know about being human - tinkering at the edges yet staying inside the same box of what we’ve always known. Discovering the Quantum Biological Human demands that we allow the box to collapse, that we might see what else becomes possible and available to us all!

The exploration of the Quantum Biological Human is the great invitation to reconsider: Am I my physical body or am I so much more? Am I the face that looks back at me in the mirror in the morning or am I the Animating Force that allows that face to be vibrant and present and available to me, for yet another day? Am I what I have always been told to believe I am or am I so much more?

Beyond simply finding answers to these questions, we must also ponder what the answers imply relative to the further potential of redefining the species. In my world, the Quantum Biological Human is the domain of the most fundamental of all choice points: am I at the mercy of an external godforce or am I the godforce, itself? And if I am indeed, that godforce, what now becomes possible that was, until this discovery, impossible? In that simple choice, my life unfolds with majesty... or without mercy.

It is not that what we have been taught to believe about ourselves, our world and our capacity to move through that world is wrong - it’s that it is incomplete. What we continue to carry as an absolute ‘truth’ about what a human being is (at least, when we’re even awake enough to consider it!) is grounded in the Newtonian science which has spawned both allopathic medicine and our approach to psychology or what constitutes ‘normal’ about human beings. And yet, in a world shaped and reshaped by the emergence of the genius of the quantum sciences, we insist on holding fast to far outdated expressions of our ‘humanness’ when we are jubilant about embracing what the quantum sciences can offer us in technology!

I could never quite understand that; never quite understand how welcoming we are of the impact of a new science in one area of our lives and yet, so determined to ensure its absence in another! I could never quite understand how we could see so quickly the implications of this amazing science for all the things outside of us - our televisions, telephones, medical diagnostics, space travel, weaponry, communications devices, etc. - and yet, refuse to even consider that this amazing science also has implications for all that’s inside of us... where we live. As living, organic, intelligent beings, it would seem that we would be more welcoming of such potential unless we’re just too terrified to notice.

When we consider the implications of this new science on our ‘humanness’, we discover that it does not just redefine how we function, it completely redefines what we are and who we are capable of becoming!

We are not what we’ve been taught to believe we are - we are so much more! We were never taught about Quantum Biological Humans, able to process massive amounts of energy or information in a nano-second at speeds that outstrip the capacity of the intellect by orders of magnitude; able to integrate and bring into a single insight or impression, huge waves of information that would take us forever to attempt to make sense of through the limitations of the intellect.

We are Quantum Biological Humans - expressions of energy flowing through matter, in a world of matter. We are energy... LIfe Force... in expression in tissue - each of us a unique intention for manifestation in a world that is malleable and welcoming of new expressions of life. We are the animating presence that allows the physical matter of the body to be enlivened and move through space and time, knowing that when that animating presence departs, the body ceases to function and begins to disintegrate. It is not the body that determines life - it is the energetic framework that our Being provides that allows matter to coalesce and present in form.

As Quantum Biological Humans, we are able to choose... change our minds and choose again... and choose yet again to redefine ourselves, our world and our way of moving through it! We are massive in our potential and in our capacity to engage meaningful lives. We are designed for deep meaning and great joy, capable of being divinely guided not by some external god or corresponding dogma but by the genius of the signals that move within; the signals that occur naturally inside of us and embrace us in their expressions as insights or intuition.

We ‘know’ things without having content knowledge. We ‘sense’ things that are undetectable to any external calibration. We ‘see’ that which does not yet exist, capable of imaginings and dreams that ultimately can shape our reality and transform our world. We can ‘hear’ things that are missing... hear the spaces between the words of another and detect what is not being said.

We are unique. We are potent and aware sentient beings, capable of greatness in our capacity to either create or destroy. Which we choose is determined by whether we are awake or whether we’re moving through life in a deep coma of mindless habituation.

Life is a choice. In the domain of the Quantum Biological Human, we get to choose what side of the dotted line we stand on. Do we choose to live our lives from history; from our stories and our habits of mind and body? Or do we choose to live from our potential... from this very moment and this breath... knowing that we are not our body but that we are the full expression of the Life Force that moves through and animates this body.

Do we choose to carve out our lives, based on who we have been in the past, or do we stand in a new place with new information? We can be mindful of the energetic being that we are that sources all we create in our physical world and move forward into our next breath... into our next choice... with an awareness that we can choose to be a living expression of that godforce. We can also choose to go back to sleep... to fall back into the culturally conditioned coma of habit and repetition... and become an expression of the dogma of external referencing and our past.

I choose to stand on the side of that line that allows me to remember who I AM - and who I AM is a living expression of a godforce in flow through matter, in a world of matter.

In my lifetime, my choices are simple: shape or be shaped by my world. I choose to shape my world; choose to move into and trust that deeper inner truth and let go of and move away from dogma and external references to define who I and what I am. And, in this moment, I invite and encourage you to do the same for yourself.

We are the energy of Life Force or godforce that moves through the body. Once we have this distinction available to us, we now have the capacity to choose how we engage. Do we choose to live life as the device - or do we choose to live life as an expression of The Signal moving through the device?

Where we stand when we create our lives will determine the lives we create.

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