One of the biggest challenges people face today is they feel life is just passing them by.

Guess what? It is, unless you are willing to invite life in and try something new.

Each day offers us something different if we are willing to see, touch, taste, smell and hear all that life is offering us.

If you go to a buffet to eat, do you choose things you’ve never tried before? Or, do you take the same things as always?

When you purchase clothes, do you try new colours? Or, do you stick with the same ones?

How about your routines at home and work? Do you find it’s almost always the same things, just a different day? Or, do you add some variety?

Are you the type of person who likes to try different things? Or, are you the kind of person who is a creature of habit?

There are so many simple ways you can add some variety to your day.

You can:
•Wake up at a different time
•Try a new beverage or food
•Change your routine at home/office
•Take another route when driving, running, or walking
•Change your workout routine or start one
•Add a new colour to your wardrobe
•Go somewhere you haven’t been before
•Shop in other stores
•Move your office/home furniture around
•Sit in a different chair
•Switch sides in your bed
•Use a new soap, deodorant, fragrance, etc.
•Try a new restaurant
•Use chopsticks
•Pick up a book instead of the remote
•Take a course or class
•Do something different with your partner/children
The list of things we can do differently is endless.

When you start changing the way you do things, you are expanding your energy and making room for opportunities.

Life becomes a buffet again when you try new things. The worst that can happen is you don’t like it and try something else; the best part is you may love it!

New ideas and ways of being are much more likely when you expand your choices.

When you add variety to your days you benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your energy levels increase, your stress decreases, your senses are heightened and you are more calm and peaceful. Life becomes enjoyable again; you are more patient, creative, playful, and alive.

Catch yourself when you are about to make the same choice(s) and make a new one.

Feel the freedom within and around you just by choosing something different.

Allow your self and senses to be guided rather than dictated.

Life is much more enjoyable when you add a little variety, so spice things up a little, take some risks, try something out of the ordinary, be willing to taste, touch, see, smell, and hear life in a new way.

When you find things are becoming too routine or boring, use your imagination and have fun!

See and be in life, not a bystander of it.

The next time you find yourself doing the same old things, try something new. You never know what awaits you in the buffet of life.

The Insight Technique™ assists you in unleashing possibilities.

Author's Bio: 

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique™. She is certified in Body Mind Counselling, Process Oriented Body Work and Spiritual Psychotherapy. She founded the Insight Technique™ - Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in uncovering and discovering their brilliance. To question and understand your thinking so you can transform what blocks and limits you from living the life you desire and deserve. Or "living your dreams".